100W LED Street Light

The 100w led street light is the ideal light source for a parking lot, roadway, arena, or pedestrian walkway. Its high-efficiency LUMILEDS LED chips produce evenly distributed illumination that is safe for pedestrians. Its versatility and low power consumption make it a great choice for a wide variety of applications.

Solar powered floodlights

solar powered floodlights are a great alternative to traditional hardwired flood lights, and they are easy to install anywhere the sun shines. But there are some questions you should have before choosing one. Let’s take a look at one of the most popular solar flood lights: the WERISE solar light, which emits 24,000 lumens of pure white light. This floodlight also comes with a timer, so you can choose how long you want it to stay on. It can last for eight hours without any charge, and it can shine for four hours or more at a time.

Among the features of this solar flood light are its large solar panel and LED solar sensor lights. It also features a battery that stores energy in a lithium ion phosphate. It can be mounted on a wall or on a tall pole. It comes with a metal pole and a bracket for mounting. In our tests, the solar flood light lasted all night under six hours of direct sunlight, but it only lasted about five hours when it was overcast.

Stadium floodlights

100W LED street lights are energy-efficient lights that project a wide spectrum of light. They are perfect for lighting roadways, parking lots, and arenas. They also have a wide glare-free beam for better visibility and a soft, even glow. They can be used in both industrial and municipal settings.

There are several types of LED street lights. Some are low-voltage, which operate with bulbs with a wattage between fifteen and forty. These are good for small areas, around commercial buildings, or in residential areas. However, if you need a higher light output, go for a high-wattage option.

High-powered stadium floodlights can be used on stands and rows of trees, but they can create glare problems. They are also suitable for lighting decks, patios, and sitting areas. They can be mounted at a height of 20 feet and at an angle of 45deg.


A 100W LED Street Light is an efficient lighting solution for outdoor spaces. Its LED chips use LUMILEDS technology to create a wide, evenly-distributed light. This makes it a good choice for parking lots, roadways, arenas, and other places where there is a high level of foot traffic. It is also durable and is compatible with most lighting systems. Nonetheless, it does come with a few drawbacks.

First of all, LED street lights are designed to meet road lighting specifications and glare level requirements. Second, they must be able to cast a wide beam of light and be waterproof. Finally, they should have a long lifetime, so they will be useful for outdoor use in all weather conditions.

Another benefit of LEDs is their efficiency. Compared to HPS lamps, LED street lights can last for a long time without becoming dim or flickering. They can also produce more light per watt, which means greater illumination for less power.