3 Meme Faces That Make Everyone Laugh

Meme faces add humor to all kinds of situations and are a popular way to make everyone laugh. They make anything sound and look funnier and compliment the whole concept. Young adults love to share memes that relate to their daily lives and tag their friends to enjoy the meme together. But how do these faces make everyone laugh? Let’s take a look! Here are three popular meme faces. You’ll surely recognize some of them. Read on to find out more.

‘Oh crap’

The Oh Crap Face, otherwise known as the OMG face, is a popular face that people use to convey extreme emotions. It is detailed and has a dark background, making it stand out from other faces. It also has several counterparts, including a red-eyed and wide-mouthed version. If you want to share this face with your friends, you may consider sharing it with a few people on Reddit.

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‘Troll face’

Troll Face is a rage comic character that symbolizes the expression of an Internet troll from long ago. The troll face was first created by Carlos Ramirez, an 18-year-old student at Oakland College. Since then, the troll face has become a meme that is instantly recognizable the world over. The original version of Troll Face was created on Microsoft Paint by Ramirez, and subsequently went on to become one of the most popular characters on the Internet.

Ramirez’s ‘Troll face’ has spawned millions of derivatives and copycats. Its creation has made it to mainstream media, including Deadpool comics and Adam Sandler movie posters. Ramirez is one of the few people who has actually made a living by using his trollface creations. He also owns the copyright to the image. It is not clear if his mom and sister have any intentions of using it.

‘Troll face’ memes are generally not racist or anti-Semitic. However, they can be considered hate symbols if they were used in combination with Nazi imagery. Other popular cartoon characters with bigoted views are present on sites like 4chan, such as Wojak/Feel Guy. But in general, the troll face meme has a positive connotation. This is why it has become a popular meme.

‘Smosh is bored’

This ‘Smosh is bored’ meme face video is the 188th episode of the popular YouTube series. The duo of Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox is known for freestyle mugging and making mildly obscene photos. Their videos have been watched over seven billion times. This hilarious clip shows a guy posing as a meme face in real life. The video begins with a shaky focus on a meme face.

While some may see Smosh’s face as unflattering, it is actually rather funny. It’s a classic example of a video game that takes its own experience and makes it entertaining to a wide audience. The humour in Smosh’s videos is derived from the frustration many people feel while playing it. The underlying premise of this satire is that the video game takes an average experience and massages it with the humor. In many ways, the result is a brilliant work of art.

Smosh’s success is based on their efforts to make funny videos. The comedy duo prides themselves on producing videos like they did in high school. This has helped them build a lucrative digital empire and ensure a bright future. The secret to this success? Simple. It’s their fans’ obsession with the duo. They make the internet a funny place. Just like Smosh, they’ve found a way to tap into a growing audience.

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