7 Easy Care Tips To Revive Your Sew In Hair Extensions

Whether you are searching for hair change overnight or simply need to try different things with hair, sew in hair extensions ought to be your go-to arrangement. They are not difficult to use and with easy and advanced installation techniques give you your preferred length and texture in no time.

Many individuals have various thoughts of what to do with sew ins while wearing them so they remain in best shape for longest. In this blog, we are sharing a few brilliant thoughts that will go about as care tips for the more drawn out timeframe of realistic usability with best maintained texture of your extensions.

So in case you are intrigued to know how to make your sew ins in the best shape for the longest, look at these care tips mentioned below.

Care Tip 1: Purchase Human Sew In Extensions At First Place

If you purchase human hair extensions, you can treat them very much like your natural hair. You can keep up with them like the natural hair where the texture isn’t impacted by customary wear or styling that can show awful outcomes whenever styles or treated to create different hair looks.

In this way, the principal tip to make the time span and usability for longer is to go for the item with better sturdiness that allows style versatility. With human hair sew ins, that is effectively conceivable.

Purchase Human Sew In Extensions At First Place
Purchase Human Sew In Extensions At First Place

Care Tip 2: Wash Sew-Ins With Care

It is very natural that when you wear sew in hair extensions, the oils from your scalp likewise move to your extension joints, making them oily and sticky after ceratin time. To keep your extensions look new and away from oil situations that can prompt hair breakage, you want to wash them on a right schedule.

To wash the human hair sew in extensions, you should be cautious that you don’t rub or wash them roughly, which can tear the weft.

Dip your hair extensions in somewhat warm cleanser water and douse them there for several minutes. After couple of minutes wash them with cold water, condition them and flush off the foam. While washing your extensions, be very gentle over your crown area so that you do not do any harm to your scalp and extensions simultaneously.

Star Tip: While washing sew ins, set a standard daily schedule. Kindly don’t wash them habitually. Attempt to wash them on a normal of 10 wears for the best outcomes.

Wash Sew-Ins With Care
Wash Sew-Ins With Care

Care Tip 3: Give Hydration

Your genuine hair will in general frizz because of absence of moisture and natural oils, thus do the hair extension. To reestablish the moisture and tender softness in the extensions and keep them sparkly and vivacious for the longest, you ought to deliver decent hydration.

You can use non sulfate conditions, leave in conditioners , and hair moisturizing masks to do as such. You can apply some oil drops of olive oil or argan oil at the tips to save them in the best shape for day to day use. Likewise, it would be better to stay away from extreme heat styling that wears off the dampness from hair. Also now days sunscreen for body wave hair is available, you can wear those too.

Care Tip 4: Keep It Under Covers

As indicated by expert hair stylist, how you treat your hair extensions at night chooses 60% of the future lifespan of your hair extensions. In the event that you wear them as sew ins, you have them on your head consistently, it is smarter to keep them covered in honey or under silk wraps. 

Also try to sleep on silk or satin pillow covers that do not create any heat static. Cover hair from roots to tip in your bonnet.

Star Tip: Consistently brush them softly prior to going to sleep. Braid them loose so that hair stay in the shape together for hairstyle texture retention.

Keep It Under Covers
Keep It Under Covers

Care Tip 5: Delicate Brushes

Like your genuine hair needs brushing to eliminate the knots or tangles to stay smooth, you need to brush your sew in hair extensions strictly when installed. Simply ensure that you brush your hair from the down and afterward go all the way up. Assuming you begin brushing from the top, the tension on the weft will be additional that can tear the extensions from the cross section.

Thus, first and foremost, finger brush and afterward begin utilizing a hairbrush or wide-tooth brush at whatever point you brush.

Star tip: Try to buy Remy hair because they are best sew in hair extensions to keep away from tangles or going thin from brushing.

Delicate Brushes
Delicate Brushes

Care Tip 6: Don’t Utilize An excessive number of Items

Effortlessness is the smartness. Utilize some basic routine hair items that are free from parabens and sulfate and continue with them. Try not to involve an excessive number of items as it might mess up the texture of your hair and make your hair extensions sensitive.

Additionally, be certain that you utilize no items that contain liquor or ethanol contents. It will start dissolving your extensions and base lace.

Don't Utilize An excessive number of Items
Don’t Utilize An excessive number of Items

Care Tip 7:  Avoid frequent stylings

One of the best ways to keep your sew I  hair extension stay in its original texture for the longest is to do limited stylings especially heat styling. Doing hair styling with Remy human hair is a comfortable and safe experience but  these extensions are basically made of natural hair only. They might start becoming flaky and its original texture might get lost after a certain point of time. However, the good news is that once you wash Remy hair, they bounce back to their original texture but with the continuous heatstyle applications the natural bouncing back of texture may not happen to its fullest effect. Also, the natural luster that comes from moisture may start wearing out. So do the styling but either do it with decent gaps or do it for limited numbers only.

Avoid frequent stylings
Avoid frequent stylings


Wearing sew in hair extensions is the least demanding method of hair change and keeping up with them is likewise simple in the event that you be a little cautious in specific regions. Regardless of whether you follow the consideration tips we referenced above, it will be above and beyond to keep your human sew ins in the best shape for the years.

All in all, if you have read the blog all the way down for what reason would you say you are still here? Utilize these tips on your extensions and if not purchased at this point, go to TrueGlory hair and get a ravishing set of sew ins!