7 Reasons Why PRP Facial Treatment Is The Best

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The PRP facial treatment has become popular in LA recently due to its remarkable effects on the skin. The treatment uses your blood as an anti-aging solution, so the results are natural and long-lasting. Here are seven reasons why the PRP facial treatment works best to reduce wrinkles and improve your skin’s texture, radiance, and tone.

PRP Facial will reduce your hair growth

Human growth hormone is known to regulate hair growth. When injected into your skin, it stimulates hair follicles and produces more growth hormones. Using PRP facial Los Angeles can inhibit the production of testosterone, a natural dihydrotestosterone (DHT) inhibitor, in your skin and inhibit hair growth by reducing testosterone and DHT levels in your scalp.

Regenerates collagen production

A PRP facial contains platelet-rich plasma, which contains growth factors that help our skin generate its natural collagen. As we age, our skin loses its capability to regenerate collagen as quickly as possible. And since collagen is essential for keeping our skin youthful and plump.

Will tighten loose skin

Many women in their 20’s and 30’s are concerned about sagging skin. Luckily, an emerging technique called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) facials may be able to help you beat back these signs of ageing. According to research, PRP facials tighten loose skin by stimulating collagen production and boosting your skin’s elasticity with increased elastic fibers.

Improves blood circulation

Acne, however, can also be an issue for people well into their 40s and 50s with oily skin. If you’re aging into your 40s or 50s with an oily complexion, you may want to look into a form of aesthetic medicine called PRP facial Los Angeles. This revolutionary treatment uses blood platelets to rejuvenate your skin tone and tighten up those fine lines!

Relieves pain in your face

If you have chronic pain in your face, also known as TMD (temporomandibular disorder), you may want to ask your doctor about PRP treatment. This relatively new and exciting procedure use on patients with various facial issues, from wrinkles to pain.

Cures acne

When it comes to acne treatments, vitamin C is king. That’s because vitamin C absorbs into pores, creating an inhospitable environment for bacteria that cause acne. Also, PRP facial Los Angeles can boost collagen production and decrease inflammation associated with breakouts. In addition to destroying acne-causing bacteria, white willow bark (salicin) also has a mild exfoliating effect that works well for removing blackheads and dead skin cells from your face without drying it out.

Treats discoloration from laser treatments, tattoo removal, and burns

During the treatment, your skin is cleaned and prepped for analysis. A small blood sample is drawn from your arm and then spun in a centrifuge to separate platelets. The tiny cells that play a role in healing and inflammation. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is extracted from your blood sample as it contains around 10 times more growth factors than normal plasma. This substance helps stimulate tissue regrowth and may help treat existing skin damage and conditions like acne scars, rosacea, or sun damage.


Try a PRP facial treatment today, and see how your skin can look healthy and vibrant in as little as one session. It’s a revolutionary new way to fight acne, rejuvenate sagging skin, improve fine lines and wrinkles, brighten dark spots, treat melasma, etc. Consult with an expert today to learn more about how you can achieve your ideal complexion.