7 strategies to motivate students for achieving high marks

Exams are always scary, no matter how intelligent and prepared a student is. You never know what you will get asked in the exam and whether you will be able to achieve your target score. Though every student and the teachers at all private schools in Dubai work to get the best score, there is still parity in the marks they achieve. Some students excel and get much more than they expect. However, there are a few who do not reach their goals. 

The primary reason children do not get the expected marks is their lack of motivation or wrong approach to preparation. So, let us discuss a few strategies that can help motivate your child and assist him in getting good grades in the exams. 

7 strategies to motivate students for high scores in exams

Know the Facts

You should know the reality and capabilities of your child to avoid overestimating them. Check the records to understand how much he can score and ensure that neither you nor the child sets a target too high to be true. It is good to outdo yourself but to expect something unrealistic is actually unproductive. Hence, setting fair targets and working hard to achieve them should be your first and foremost strategy. 

Gather Resources

Nobody can study well if he does not have enough study material or resources for reference. Hence, investing in books, reference guides, and other study material is essential. Additionally, the student should gather all the notes related to different topics to ensure he doesn’t miss out on the best study resources. 

Plan Everything

Planning has always been the key to success, and it works for students preparing for exams. Every student should prepare a timetable, distributing their time on the topics they need to cover. Once everything gets planned, make sure you religiously stick to it, and the results will follow! Here again, you do not have to overflow into emotions and set 10 hours of a study routine. Keep gaps in between to ensure you actually grasp things and understand them.

Start Early

Never leave things to the last minute; it will give you nothing but anxiety. Instead, start a few months before exams at least and divide your coursework well to allot a fair amount of time to every topic. Then, do efficient time management to get time for revision to strengthen your preparation and boost your confidence. 

Follow the Teachers

Teachers at every Dubai secondary school have trained countless batches before you, so they have relevant experience in understanding what would work best for them. Thus, it is for your own good that you follow their instructions and seek guidance from them to achieve your target score. They can refer to books, help with creating your timetable and guide your path to make exams stress-free for you. 

Do not compare

The most common mistake many parents make is they compare their children with others. Understand that children have their own pace and own capability. Every class student can’t score a 100, but that doesn’t make 95 any less significant. Thus, the focus should only be on bringing the best out of your child and not getting better than others.

Take Rest

If your mind is well-rested, it will work efficiently, and you can write your exam appropriately. Hence, ensure you get a sound sleep a day before the exam and wake up all fresh and energetic. A restless mind can even put you in a situation where you do not remember a thing, and you may even blackout during the exam.

These seven strategies would work miraculously and help your child stay focused and prepare well for the exams. Every parent should sit with their child well before exams and discuss any issues they might have to resolve on time. Moreover, you should also meet his teachers, asking them if there is anything about your child you need to know to ensure nothing comes in his way to scoring well in exams. Stay prepared, stay vigilant, and you can help boost your child’s confidence and grades.