Accounting at the University of South Wales: A student guide

Accounting at the University of South Wales

Modern-day businesses are hard to run without having a professional accounting body on your side. It’s not a mere statement, rather been tried and tested. The role of accounting professionals cannot be overlooked at any cost. The business landscape needs more of these professionals, and that is why institutes are working hard to produce some. Among these institutes, the University of south wales is prominent on the list. It offers a diverse portfolio of accounting courses and degrees to individuals of different nationalities. Are you interested in knowing more about this subject? Keep reading this article!

Accounting and Finance subjects at USW:

The University of south wales offers numerous accounting and finance degrees to craft leaders for the future. Owing to the current dynamic business environment, these individuals will do wonders for large corporations. Are you inspired to be one? Get in touch with top education consultants in Pakistan and secure your position at USW. Following is a detailed breakdown of degrees offered master study programs at university of south wales and other following degrees along with the courses. Let us view all.

1. BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance:

The USW is well-known for its BA degree in accounting and finance. The faculty here is top-notch, and students get detailed insights into the diverse accounting fronts. This multi-licensed accounting and finance degree offers you the opportunity to create and rehearse your specialized information, abilities and mastery, while acquiring proficient acknowledgment from the world’s driving bookkeeping bodies.

Topics include financial management, managerial bookkeeping, corporate money, tax assessment, auditing, and automated bookkeeping frameworks. You will likewise get the opportunity to acquire a CIMA-licensed authentication in Sage, which is the UK’s greatest bookkeeping programming supplier.

Courses you will study:

The program is diverse and offers students numerous subjects over THREE years. Let us view the university courses.

Year ONE – Accounting Degree:

The following subjects for ONE Year degress

  • Financial Accounting
  • Introductory Management Accounting
  • Business and Corporate Law
  • Introduction to Finance
  • The business environment for accountants
Year TWO – Accounting Degree:

Year two examinations incorporate financial detailing, performance estimation, and control. Moreover, students will study audit and assurance, tax assessment, a prologue to monetary administration, and an expert employability module. A complete list of subjects is given below.

  • Auditing and Assurance
  • Fundamentals of financial management
  • Financial reporting
  • Taxation
  • Management accounting and performance measurement
  • Professional practice and employability in accounting and finance
Year THREE – Accounting Degree:

The last year investigates progressed parts of accounting and has expert discretionary modules. These include forensic bookkeeping and the hypothesis and practice of protection exchanging. You will study the following subjects.

  • Introduction to Islamic finance
  • Advanced financial reporting
  • Global governance, risk, and ethics
  • Business analysis for accountants
  • Accounting research
  • Theory and practice of security trading
  • Cases in audit

2. BA (Hons) Forensic Accounting:

Accounting, IT, and investigative skills are combined offered in forensic accounting. It is a degree that prepares individuals for detective work. Projects like hidden assets investigation are increasing worldwide, and we must craft individuals for the task. The University of south wales is equally participating in the run and offering courses to produce forensic accountants. You have the equal opportunity of becoming a forensic accounting specialist. Get in touch with study abroad consultants in Pakistan and start your admission process today!

Courses offered in this degree:

Numerous courses are offered in this discipline throughout the three-year timeframe. Following is a detailed breakdown of these courses.

Year ONE – Forensic Accounting Degree:

The year ONE consists of the following subjects and modules.

  • Financial accounting
  • Introductory management accounting
  • The business environment for accountants for lawyers.
  • Business and corporate law
  • Statistical techniques and data analysis for accounting and finance
  • Introduction to finance
Year TWO – Forensic Accounting Degree:

The 2nd year of this degree requires the students to develop corporate, managerial, and soft skills. The students will undertake tasks and projects to polish their technical and IT skills along with the subjects. Following is a complete list of courses you will study throughout the 2nd year of your degree.

  • Principles of forensic accounting
  • Fundamentals of financial management
  • Financial reporting
  • Management accounting and performance measurement
  • Financial crime investigation
  • Professional practice and employability in accounting and finance
Year THREE – Forensic Accounting Degree:

You will practice further in your last year, with modules on forensic accounting and the master observer and misrepresentation examination. Likewise, you can pick discretionary modules from various subjects, including progressed financial reporting, business examination, tax collection, and audit cases.

  • Fraud examination
  • Forensic accounting and the expert witness
  • Global governance, risk, and ethics
  • Auditing and assurance
  • Taxation
  • Cases in audit
  • Theory and practice of securities trading

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