Aim Lab Jobs

Students from a variety of disciplines can apply for a job at Aim Lab. The company is student-run and industry-led, and they’re based in Australia. Read on to learn more about Aim Lab and what they do. They’re an exciting way to get a start in an industry you’re passionate about.

They are student-run

Aim Lab is a student-run manufacturing lab that works with local companies to fill a gap in the advanced manufacturing field. Students who work in the lab learn about careers in the field and learn how to communicate their skills to employers. Students also get to experience professional-level work, which helps them land a job.

The idea for aim lab jobs sprung from a start-up competition at NYU. Its founder grew up in Youngstown, Ohio, and didn’t think college was an option for his future. He worked as a call center manager and bounced between sales and management jobs. At one point, he was fired from Olive Garden because he had a tattoo on his arm.

They are industry-led

Aim Lab jobs aren’t your standard academic research job. You’ll work in a team developing new technologies to improve games. The company’s founder, Nick Slater, was once fired from an Olive Garden job for getting a tattoo. But he has a different approach. He’s looking for people who want to make a difference in the world.

To help them do this, the company has partnered with professional esports players and content creators. Many pros use the software during live streams and have millions of YouTube views thanks to their high scores. A select few pros have collaborated with the company to create custom exercises and packages for their fans. Some of these relationships are industry-led, but most are initiated by streamers.

They are based in Australia

Aim Lab Automation Technologies is an award-winning engineering, manufacturing, and product design company with over 40 years of experience developing innovative robotic instrumentation for medical laboratories worldwide. The company has partnered with leading diagnostics companies and has an ISO13485-certified manufacturing facility, ensuring high-quality medical instruments.

The company offers a wide range of clinical chemistry test panels to help diagnose various conditions. The tests are performed using chemical reactions that determine the levels of chemical compounds in bodily fluids. These tests are commonly used to determine liver and kidney function, as well as glucose and electrolytes. In addition to these tests, AIM Labs also offers allergy testing through the HELIA analyzer, which can detect allergens in blood samples.

They are part of a new approach to teaching and learning in Australia

Aim Lab is a startup company that started in New York City, from a start-up competition. George Kassa, founder and content creator, was a professional gamer before deciding to create his own startup. Before starting Aim Lab, Kassa had a few jobs ranging from sales to management. He was even fired from the Olive Garden after being caught with tattoos.