Aldila Golf Shafts Catapult Power

A premier manufacturer of golf shafts, Aldila is known for using carbon fiber materials to catapult power. This unique blend of design and materials allows for unparalleled power. Aldila is always on the cutting edge of golf shaft technology, relentlessly pursuing the next breakthrough and pushing the limits of success. The Aldila ASCENT Shaft is a game-changing shaft that will change how you feel the power.

Aldila ASCENT Shafts

The Aldila ASCENT Shaft will debut at the PGA WEST this week and promises a blend of power and precision. The shaft was designed with GEARS Accuracy Analysis, which helps minimize deflection during off-center hits. In addition, the active profile and FlyDrive Technology improve overall strength, feel, and resistance to ovaling. It’s not surprising that the Aldila ASCENT Shaft is a great choice for a golfer.

The Aldila Ascent Shaft was designed to achieve the ultimate balance between precision and power. The shaft uses a unique geometry that increases the apex of the ball flight for maximum control and less spin. Unlike traditional shafts, the Ascent is also equipped with an active profile that enhances feel and strength and resists ovaling. Ultimately, the Aldila ASCENT is a worthy upgrade from the standard golf shaft.

Aldila SYNERGY Shafts

Aldila SYNERGY drivers feature a custom-assembled, driver-specific shaft. Adapter adjustments are made easy by using the Tour Velvet 360 grip. The shaft features a forged driver head and a Tour Velvet 360 grip for quick adjustability. You’ll love how easily this shaft installs and works with your driver. This Aldils golf shaft is also made of a lightweight alloy, which is more durable than traditional golf shafts.

The NV Magnum series is the first true ultra-lightweight shaft. Most ultra-light shafts sacrifice strength, torsional stiffness, and stability to achieve lightweight. Mitsubishi Chemical purchased Aldila several years ago. This company’s 2021 Ascent shafts are reminiscent of successful Mitsubishi models from the past. The latest fibers and prepreg technology create a stiffer wing that reduces deflection. A more active profile provides increased feel, strength, and stability with less ovaling for improved performance in flight!

Aldila ROGUE Shafts

The new Aldila Rogue driver shaft delivers unmatched performance and consistency. The Graphitic Carbon fibers, combined with advanced design technology, give the Rogue the consistency and performance characteristics never before seen in a golf shaft. Aldila Rogue is Tour’s number one driver shaft and offers unmatched performance and consistency. Its innovative design combines Graphitic Carbon fibers with advanced aerospace materials for performance that rivals any driver shaft in the world.

The new Rogue shaft from Aldila comes in both a standard and a high-performance version. The Rogue White 130 MSI shaft slots between the Black and Silver profiles. It provides a slightly higher launch but maintains a low spin. Developed for low-handicapper players, this new shaft can help you achieve a higher launch with less spin. Aldila Rogue driver shafts have been proven on the Tour and in fitting bays worldwide.