Are You Watching A Streaming Platform or Addicted To It

Streaming Platform

A whole day of work or A week of serious pressure results in exhaustion both mentally and physically. And for a fresh start, you need some fresh work. You have several options like your hobbies or watching television. But a new trend come into the market, the Streamqumax streaming platforma.

In recent years mostly after covid outbreak become a trend. Binge Watching is the new normal in our life. Most people started to move towards OTT streaming platforms from the conventional Television Media Industry.

Why is OTT Grabbing The Market?

If you watch carefully 10-15 years ago, the OTT platform is nowhere found. However, it is connected with our life at present. Why does this happen? Previously we used Android TV Box, cable network, DVD boxes, and many wires to enjoy entertainment.

But after digitalization, everything changed. The mobile and internet connection changed the whole scenario. Because it is too easy to use. Moreover, you just need a mobile or a laptop like a razer blade 15, a high-quality laptop or any other budget range, and an active internet connection to enjoy. You don’t rely on any type of tv or wire connection.

Moreover, it’s easy to access and easily available and plenty of availability on the market is also the main reason for the OTT platform to grow.

Are You Addicted To It?

We researched a lot and got some conclusive points. If these signs are on you, might be you in the trap of the OTT platform.

  • If you are watching a show and you are thinking what twist comes next. That means that shows already surrounded your mind.
  • The most false phrase but commonly used during the time of Binge watching is “just one more episode and I will sleep then”.
  • You have important work in the morning but you are not sleeping because the show is not finished yet. That means you are completely trapped in the OTT platform.
  • Some people are already addicted so much to it that they are watching it during time reading, playing indoor games, taking food, and even in the time of driving.

Effect Of Binge-Watching

A long time before the lightning screen, whole night web shows streaming, going to sleep after completing web shows, very very dangerous for health.

  • Sonner your mind will be fully captured by web shows. Your relationship stays in a debating manner.
  • It will frustrate must daily works
  • As you skip a night’s sleep, your professional and academic work will hamper the most.
  • As it is an addiction, you will start to skip sleep at night.
  • Anxiety, depression, blood pressure, and other mental health problems may come.
  • And if you make it your daily routine, it will occur as serious health issues.

 How To Overcome It?

  • First things first. You should make up your mind that you will quit this addiction.
  • Then, uninstall all the streaming platform apps like paid apps Netflix, Amazon Prime, or free apps like WCOForever.
  • Then unsubscribe from all the membership plans.
  • All addiction is curable. But it will take time.
  • Cognitive therapy can be the best way to overcome addiction. It is a talking therapy.
  • Find a suitable replacement for the streaming platform. Think about what you can do, if you are not a streaming platform.
  • Made a chart of the whole day. Always make some important work on your list.
  • Make contact with friends and families.
  • Always stay in contact with physiatrists and doctors. If anything you felt serious about, contact the doctor first.
  • Always sink you in a busy schedule.


Always there is a broad gap between what is for refreshment and what is addiction. Follow that silver lines. Don’t mix up both.

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