Aura of Vitality 5e

The Aura of Vitality spell is a powerful healing spell that heals nearby targets within a 30-foot radius. However, this spell does not heal above the target’s maximum HP. Fortunately, the spell is still quite versatile, as it can be used on both characters and creatures. Here are the details about this spell.

Disciple of Life spell

Aura of vitality is a powerful healing spell used by Disciples of Life. The spell can restore hit points to any creature within range. It can also be used to restore hit points to undead and constructs. This spell can be used to supplement a short rest or as a standalone out-of-combat heal.

Aura of Vitality has limitations. Unlike Heal, it only heals one creature at a time. The healing that the spell distributes is only equivalent to 20d6. In addition to this, the spell can be used to heal enemies in a disadvantageous state.

Healing spell

The Aura of vitality 5e healing spell is a wonderful, versatile spell that paladins can learn at 3rd level. It creates a 30-foot radius area-of-effect and can heal 2d6 creatures. It can be learned using magic keys and is a great option for paladins.

The Aura of Vitality spellcaster can restore 2d6 hit points to all creatures within 30 feet for one minute. It is a good choice for combat situations, in which party members are often knocked out. In addition to healing party members, this spell can stabilize a party’s death-saving saving throw. This spell can be used to restore a party member’s hit points every round, which is useful if the group is constantly being hit.

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Spell slot cost

Aura of Vitality is an evocation spell that heals a group or individual for up to a minute. It grants healing equal to 20d6 + 7 damage. It costs one spell slot at third level and is a very powerful healing spell. It heals for up to 70 hit points. This spell is an excellent choice if you need to heal a lot of people.

The spell can be used to heal a single target or a group of enemies in a 10-foot radius. The damage dealt by the spell depends on the size of the group, but it will not affect your party if the target is far away. The spell is most useful on a bard, halfling, or paladin. Aura of Vitality costs one spell slot at third level and can be used in many ways.


The availability of Aura of Vitality is important because it allows the caster to regain up to 70 hit points over the course of a single round. This makes it a good spell for a character who is frequently knocked out of combat, but it is not overpowered. This spell requires a lot of concentration and a bonus action. It is also not optimal for combat situations, such as when the target of the spell is a tank.

Aura of Vitality is a useful spell for druids, although it’s also available to other classes. This spell uses a single spell slot and an action, and lasts for one minute, or 10 combat rounds. Its heal is equal to two six-sided dice. It’s much faster than a healing word, and its effect lasts longer.