Benefits of Stevia and Usage as a Sugar Substitute

Benefits of Stevia and Usage as a Sugar Substitute

Stevia is an amazing replacement for table sugar because it contains fewer calories and harmful elements. This unique sweetener originates from North and South America. South America’s main source of sweetening beverages, drinks, and other food items for over 200 years. It is back in the game because many companies have started making sugar-free products for people with diabetes and health-conscious, using stevia rather than any other sweetener.Doodle Folks

Stevia sugar has a long-lasting aftertaste that is quite strong. The strength might be more for those shifting from table sugar to stevia sugar, but it is no longer a concern. Many companies that use stevia or manufacture stevia tablets use certain chemicals to neutralize the aftertaste, so switching to stevia sugar is not a strange experience.

Benefits of Stevia

Stevia sugar has multiple health benefits, making it a unique yet thriving product. Let us have a look at some.

Weight Loss

Stevia sugar is advantageous for weight loss because it contains no calories. You can consume sweet products like candies, juices, desserts, etc., that contain stevia sugar. Even if you feel the urge to have sweeter weight loss drinks, add stevia powder or stevia tablets to them and enjoy your weight loss journey with a sweet effect. You can also feed sweet things containing stevia sugar to your children tension free because they will not contribute to weight gain.  Another reason stevia sugar is best for preventing weight gain is that it does not contain carbohydrates.Doodle Folks

Anti-Cancerous Properties

According to scientific research, it is found that stevia sugar has antioxidants in abundance. Due to this, they are best to prevent cancer. These antioxidants fight against the proliferation of tumor cells caused by free radicals. This happens because antioxidants successfully neutralize these free radicals and provide complete protection against the harmful multiplication of cancerous cells. Stevia sugar is renowned for curing pancreatic cancer. The famous antioxidants present in stevia powder are Quercetin and Kaempferol.

Good Oral Health

Good oral health is the center of everyone’s life. It adds to the beauty and overall personality of a person. Unlike regular sugar, stevia sugar does not promote the formation of bacteria in the oral cavity, reducing the chances of cavities. Therefore, it is the main sweetener used in oral health products, such as mouthwash and toothpaste.

Blood Pressure Regulation

Adequate amounts of sodium in the body promotes healthy urination. Good urination means properly functioning the renal system, hence the blood circulation. The blood cleanses properly, and all the salts, free radicals, and uric acid molecules drain out of the body. This helps reduce the overall blood pressure and maintain it. Stevia tablets have the potential to regulate sodium levels resulting in healthy blood pressure. Moreover, stevia sugar is a glycoside that helps relax the blood vessels and improve their functioning.

Prevents Diabetes

Stevia sugar is best known to prevent or cure diabetes. It does not contain calories that contribute to the increased sugar levels in the body. Hence, they are recommended for people with diabetes. Use stevia tablets or stevia powder to prepare desserts for yourself if you have diabetes or want to prevent it.

Healthy Skin

Stevia sugar has anti-bacterial nature. It inhibits the growth of bacteria when consumed or applied to the surface. Therefore, it is best to treat eczema and dermatitis. Apply the stevia powder onto your skin and enjoy wonderful results.

Strong Bones

Along with many other advantages, stevia is medically good for bones too. It helps make the bones denser by making up for their mineral deficiencies. Due to this reason, stevia sugar is excellent for treating osteoporosis and related bone conditions.

Usage of Stevia in Place of Sugar

Stevia sugar is the best alternative to regular sugar. It contains no calories that may increase body mass or damage health, and it is 200 times to 300 times sweeter than table sugar. This means small amounts of stevia powder or 1-2 stevia tablets can replace 1-2 tablespoons of regular sugar.

It is used in the following ways as a table sugar replacement,

  • Stevia sugar is used in tea, coffee, or hot chocolate
  • Stevia tablets are used in lemonade, juices, and sugar-free beverages
  • Stevia sugar is added to cereals to make them sweet and delicious
  • Desserts like custards, pies, cakes, etc., are made sweet by adding stevia powder
  • Stevia sugar is added to flavored yogurts
  • Raw stevia sugar is used in bakery items to make them healthy and sweet
  • Stevia powder is utilized in making cookies
  • Stevia is also best for baby items such as powdered milk, mashed fruits, and vegetables. It helps them boost their health and cut calories.
  • Stevia tablets are used in smoothies and ice creams
  • Stevia powder is also used in pharmaceutical products to make them sweet and harmless