Best Online Bookkeeping Software for Small Businesses

online bookkeeping

Although you may not need a professional to handle your finances from the beginning of your company, sooner or later you will. While it’s not about your daily business transactions, it is about your overall health. If you take care of your transactions properly, it will provide relief at times when you are most in need, such as when you close your files and prepare your financial statements.

Bookkeeping is a complex topic. You will need to have the technical knowledge and training necessary before you can start this career. Preparation and maintenance of financial statements. This includes income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, income statements, and statements of business owners’ equity.

You can hire an online bookkeeper to manage your personal business in this age of technology boom and globalization. You can also be competitive in the markets which allows you to stand out from others. You may also receive the mobile application from a service provider. This allows you to manage your accounts and enter them easily, without having to sign any contracts. It’s a great relief!

Online Bookkeeping Services Providers not only provide Bookkeeping services but also offer accounting services, including tax advice and payroll services. This is better than having to hire multiple professionals for each of these services. All of these services will be provided by an online bookkeeping service provider.

Virtual Bookkeeping Service Providers

With a single search, you will see many names of service providers in front of your eyes. While all of them will claim many perks and stress-free services, there are some limitations. Let’s compare the pros and cons of some service providers.
Below are some specifications and major software that are included in the Bookkeeping service providers.


They claim to be the best small business bookkeeping service, provider. You will also receive the mobile phone app and the software, so you can access your books from anywhere with a single click. As promised, you will be assigned a bookkeeper to do your QuickBooks books for you.

They will close your books every month and send you financial reports monthly. Additionally, they offer full-time payroll with an additional charge. They can also help you with inventory management and custom invoice service.

Let’s now discuss their cons. They do not provide accounting services, such as tax advising on your behalf or bill payment.


Xero is the latest accounting and bookkeeping software. It is extremely popular with startups and small businesses. It can be used by businesses worldwide. It allows currency conversion quickly and uses cloud space to make it easy for automated bank entry. Xero can integrate with other programs, such as payroll providers. They also offer training on-demand, although Xero terminology is understandable even if you have no prior knowledge.


These services do not include tax advisory, payroll services, or inventory management.


Wave Apps provides you with free accounting, receipt scanning, invoicing, bookkeeping, and payroll services. Wave apps are great for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners who are looking for something completely free. Wave apps’ unlimited expense tracking accounting software is a must-have.


There are always drawbacks to the plus points. The free version is not as good as the paid versions.

Zoho Book

Zoho Book, a rapidly-growing accounting and bookkeeping software, is Zoho Book. It is packed with business tools such as a mobile app, bill generation, inventory management, real-time customizable reports, and invoice generation. The documentation feature allows you to attach any file with any report at any time. Automation is a feature that allows you to save time and automate business workflows while still working on your business growth.

This move has many cons. Advanced features are limited to premium subscribers. The automatic accounting process is slow over large work. There is also no payroll service.

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All of them have pros and cons. To determine which one is the best, you need to understand your requirements, such as payroll services, bill generation or invoice generation, budget limitations, and workload. Once you have understood your requirements and limitations, you will be able to determine which one is the best.

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