Best White Cement for Flawless White Walls

white cement interior design

White Portland Cement or white cement is finer and lighter than traditional Portland cement. It has a huge demand among the construction markets located in hot weather countries as it reflects more heat in comparison to standard grey cement. This is one of the reasons why India is considered among the top manufacturers of white cement all over the world, producing approximately 1 metric ton of white cement on a yearly basis.

What is White Cement?

As the name suggests, white cement is a fine white powder used in the construction and building materials industry. The cement receives its white colour from the addition of metal oxides like manganese and iron during its manufacturing process. Moreover, it is used for producing cementitious and masonry products as well as architectural and structural concrete.

Application areas of White Cement

White cement can be applied to many areas such as:

  • It is used for making beautiful cast stones and construction projects.
  • To add visibility to highway medians, white cement is used on roads due to its optimum reflectiveness.
  • White cement helps in the production of vibrant coloured mortars and concrete. 
  • A high amount of white cement is also used for manufacturing appealing precast members.
  • White cement finds its application in floorings, architectural styling, and ornamental concrete products as well as in the interior and exterior decor.

What are the benefits of using White Cement?

Using white cement in construction work or for decorative purposes comes with a wide array of benefits. Let’s explore them:

  • The white cement helps in fixing the hairline cracks with a matte and durable finish.
  • It provides a smooth base for the paint and makes the walls resistant to external factors.
  • It also safeguards the walls against moisture and helps in making the paint look more attractive due to its brilliant whiteness.
  • It is non-toxic in nature.
  • If white cement is applied to the walls before painting, it eliminates the need for using a primer. 
  • It provides tensile adhesion strength to the interior and exterior home walls as it contains metal oxides iron and manganese.
  • Unlike grey cement, it has the property of resistibility against stains.
  • It is perfect for all types of paints.

How to apply White Cement?

The process to apply white cement requires minimal effort. Here is the step-by-step procedure mentioned below

The process to apply white cement requires minimal effort. Here is the step-by-step procedure mentioned below  Read also about; carpets in dubai

  • To create the mixture of white cement, a standard proportion of water and white cement in the ratio of 2:1 is needed
  • Keep mixing the two components until there are no lumps left. The consistency required should be like paint, semi-thick and liquid
  • The methods of scraping, rubbing, or brushing are necessary for cleaning the surface preparation and checking the effectiveness of the cement’s adhesiveness 
  • Next, the walls are to be soaked with clear water. When the water starts running down the walls, it means they are ready. 
  • In the final step of the procedure, two coats of white cement wash are applied to the surface. For the final touch up, you can also apply a third layer of the mixture.

There are many white cement brands available in the market. To build your next home, you should always opt for the best white cement brands in India like JKCement. Their JKCement WhiteMaxX is a premium white portland cement that gives triple benefits of high durability, higher gloss effect and smoother finish with greater economic value. JKCement RepairMaxX white cement, the ready to use white masonry cement, is made with an advanced Bonding Agent that provides an exceptional crack-bridging ability for up to 5 mm plaster cracks on interior and external surfaces.
To wrap it up, white cement is the perfect long-term investment for all your construction needs as it gives your home multiple benefits like smooth walls and ceilings, tensile adhesion strength and sparkling whiteness.