Bhrigu Lake trip – A helpful guide for thrill seekers in 2022



 Located at an elevation of around 4,300 feet above sea level, the Bhrighu Lake at Kullu, a small district in Himachal Pradesh offers the best trek for adventure lovers. It falls in the east of Rohtang Pass and is  a few kilometres away from Gulaba, a small village in Himachal Pradesh. The lake is considered sacred. This is so because legend has it that the sage Bhrighu, a great saint in Indian history used to meditate near that lake. The local people believes that the lake never freezes completely because of this reason.

Guide to the trek-

The Bhrighu Lake trek traces its beginning point in Gulaba. The trek is not too steep. It is of moderate ascent. The roads are well marked and are followed by forest trails. It is advisable to break the trek into at least 2 to 3 days since it becomes very hectic at such a high altitude to climb so much in a day. The trek is of 11 kms but it’s the mountains which makes it harder. Manali, known for its mesmerizing beauty of the hills is one of the popular destinations in Himachal Pradesh. To begin the trek you have to take a bus to Gulaba or you may also take a car ride. Gulaba is the base of the trek. It will take 2 hours to reach there. It is also important to know that the place doesn’t provide proper network. So phones would not work properly. The trek is however closed in the winter months due to extreme fall in temperature. Make sure that you make a plan accordingly. The temperature falls upto minus 20 degree Celsius at that time. Summer months of April, May and June are considered the best time to visit.

For beginners and adventure junkies who have just started this trek is a perfect start as the trek is of moderate difficulty. It is dotted with some stretches of Rocky terrain and a few steps ascent.

The Bhrigu Lake trek is not much expensive. It would be maximum 8,000 per person.

Equipments required for the trek-

You should always carry some must have essentials while on a trek. Proper footwear is a must. Wear skid-free, high ankle trekking shoes. These shoes are helpful as they do not give any blisters. Otherwise it would be too problematic to climb and complete the trek. You are also advised to carry comfortable clothes which are easy to dry. Carrying heavy clothes might also be a problem. Full sleeve shirts and sweatshirts would be advisable. Wearing heavy clothes would make it hotter and it might suffocate you. Carry cold creams, moisturizer and lip balms. Also carry ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) or glucose as it would be of immense need while climbing. It would give you instant energy. You can also carry light food and snacks. Do not carry heavy suitcases to your trek. Trekking bags are available in the market so please buy them.

Reasons for going on this trek – 

First, it is easy to travel from Manali. And, it is one of the most beautiful treks in Manali. You get access to a beautiful lake when you climb and mostly the trek is through forests and meadows.

Secondly, if you are someone who loves the idea of treks and wants to see if it is working well for you, then you can easily do it because it is a trek for beginners.

Thirdly, the maximum altitude you are going to climb is 14,000 feet above sea level. This trek thus should be on your to do list if you are a potential trekker.

Fourthly, you may explore yourself and you can understand your capabilities while you are on this trek. If you wish to explore the unseen trails, this could be the right trek for you to go on.

Conclusion – 

It is advisable that you follow certain instructions and take certain precautions before going on this trek. However this trek is quite fun if done properly.