Cannabis and Yoga: Their Art of Integration


If you’re shocked to read these terms together. We’re guessing you’re a novice and are completely detached from the history of this healing relationship. The association between cannabis and yoga dates back thousands of years when yogis would consume cannabis and then perform yoga to reach an alleviated sense of being. 

While not a lot was known about cannabis back then and it all builds down to its anecdotal therapeutic benefits. Today, we know a lot more. We know about the therapeutic benefits that are backed by more than just anecdotal evidence. We are accustomed to cannabis’ analgesic, anxiolytic, and anti-inflammatory effects and know about the euphoria that cannabis can bring. But what happens when we combine this substance with the practice of yoga? Let’s explore how well they work together!

Combining Cannabis and Yoga: How New is the Concept?

The truth is, civilization became well versed with the effects of cannabis before it was weeded out as illegal. We must recognize that the very first appearance of cannabis was in the sacred text from India, the Vedas. 

Not only this, but Central Asia, as well as China, have stored some remnants of the earliest use of marijuana that only add to the proof of its use. 

The herb had been used for a variety of medical and therapeutic reasons, especially by yogis trying to reach that ultimate goal of enlightenment. 

Note: What you need to remember here is that the cannabis available then wasn’t as potent as it is today. Today, the marijuana that we grow is cultivated in a way to produce much higher potencies. Let’s also not forget all the processes involved before an actual plant reaches us. The use of wildly acquired weed back in the day cannot be compared to what is available today. However, mild yet potent strains can bring out the sadhu in you too! 

Benefits of Consuming Cannabis Before Practicing Yoga

Cannabis has been going around for a while now, being used for multiple reasons. While sometimes a consumer might enjoy a strong THC strain as a means of getting high, other times it can be a way to handle their medical symptoms. Other times, it can be the perfect supplement to take before you begin meditating or get into your favorite yoga asana. 

Multiple patients get into the habit of practicing yoga regularly to help with their symptoms. Patients with chronic illnesses often have to go through long periods of unendurable pain. Yoga is one of the major forms of physical therapy that is recommended to keep these patients moving. 

At the same time, patients suffering from anxiety or ADHD, tend to try their hands at yoga to practice control over their thoughts and emotions. 

When patients suffering from these problems combine yoga with cannabis, they often enjoy some of the below-stated benefits. 

  • Cannabis has therapeutic benefits. All cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids present in a cannabis plant work in synergy to produce some pain relieving benefits. This is especially true for THC-potent strains and products. The herb is used to manage painful symptoms associated with multiple medical conditions, from headaches and migraines to the pain suffered by patients with AIDS, MS and cancer. When consumed before a yoga session, they can help you get more comfortable with your poses (asanas) without experiencing too much pain. 
  • Cannabis is also closely associated with helping consumers practice calmness and relaxation, especially those who suffer from anxiety, depression, or another mental disposition. These patients can often get aggressive or extremely stimulated, requiring ways to calm them down. And guess what- we’ve got three of the best ways to help these patients. 

The first includes the use of cannabis, obviously. The second relates to indulging in practices of yoga and meditation. The third and the best one requires the combination of these two. 

The first includes the use of cannabis, obviously. The second relates to indulging in practices of yoga and meditation. The third and the best one requires the combination of these two. 

  • A multitude of yogis practices the art to become one with their spiritual selves. This type of spiritual freedom and unconstrained recognition of ourselves is only made easier with a few puffs of cannabis. Cannabis can help users relax better and not be too distracted by other thoughts or people. 

Patients with chronic or terminal illnesses, mental health issues, and other conditions tend to apply for a medical marijuana card New York to help with their symptoms. Combining Yoga into the mix is always advised by practitioners. 

The drawback of Combining Cannabis with Yoga

While we support the integration of yoga and cannabis, it may not work for everyone. We must remember that not everybody can exercise the same type of restraint on their consumption, not everybody is equipped to handle high doses of potent cannabis, and not everybody is looking for the same kind of effects. 

In some situations, if you do not practice caution, you can end up in the wrong position. 

  • Too much THC consumption as a beginner may lead to more confusion, paranoia, and hallucinations rather than the calm that it is supposed to bring.
  • Too much THC can also be the leading cause of dehydration and cotton mouth after consumption. These can be signs of an unwanted high that can get difficult to handle for beginners. 
  • High doses can lead to a loss of physical balance that you might require to hold difficult poses. In cases like these, you’re better off consuming low doses of cannabis to ensure that you do not lose your cognitive stability. Loss of balance can lead to major injuries, especially in an intoxicated state. 
  • While consuming high doses of cannabis before getting into the rhythm of your routine may feel great, constant and consistent consumption can lead to some degree of mental dependency. 

Ending Words: Should You Combine Yoga with Cannabis?

Whether you should combine cannabis and yoga together has more to do with your personal requirements and experiences rather than anything else. It also depends on the kind of strain that you choose and how often you consume it. 

As a person who wants to feel an integration between their physical, emotional, and spiritual self. consuming cannabis can be a great way to do that. It rids you of all your anxieties, elevates your mood, and helps you relax your body and mind. which can make getting into poses easier. At the same time, you are better off following the precautionary steps suggested by your practitioner while consuming cannabis. You can apply for a New York medical marijuana card. Consult your physician about all relevant queries that you might have.