Cyberflix: 6 Typical Problems and Solutions

Cyberflix issues fix

With the help of the Android app Cyberflix, you can watch movies and TV shows online for nothing at all. Additionally, Windows and Amazon Firestick support the app. The app frequently has problems because it has to pass through several hoops in order to offer its users free content.

We’re going to look at a few fixes in this article that you can use if Cyberflix isn’t functioning.

But before we begin, you should be aware that Cyberflix may be a potentially hazardous app, as shown by the Play Protect warning that appears when you install the app.

This app is fake, Play Protect informs users in the manner shown in the image below. It attempts to seize control of your computer or steal your data. Installing an app from an unreliable source is risky even if you are familiar with the app or the developer.

Restart your device

It’s a good idea to restart your device and try again before continuing, whether you’re using the app on an Android device or any other type of device. Regardless of the device or the issue, restarting your device can resolve a number of seemingly unrelated problems.

Look into your internet connection

For Cyberflix TV to function properly, an internet connection must be open. Make sure you have a strong, reliable internet connection if you are having trouble using the service or the app. Verify that mobile data is enabled and that you have good network coverage if you use mobile data. Make sure you have internet access and strong signals if you’re using WiFi.

Use a VPN

It’s strongly advised that you use a VPN because of the nature of the app. Try using a VPN if you’re experiencing DNS unresolved errors or the app is having trouble connecting to the Cyberflix TV app servers.

Activate the auto-resolve settings

Make sure you’ve enabled Auto Resolve HD Link and turned off Show HD Links only after installing the most recent version of the app.

The app’s cache, clear it

The app’s functionality may be hampered by corrupt files that are stored in the app’s cache. To delete the cache, follow these steps.

cyberflix app cache clear steps
  • Go to the settings section of your phone and select Apps & notifications.
  • Click Show all apps.
  • Click Cyberflix.
  • Then select Storage & cache.
  • To clear the app’s cache, tap the Clear cache button.
cyberflix cache clear

Restart your phone and try once more.

Install Cyberflix again

If deleting the app and then reinstalling it weren’t successful after clearing the cache, you might have to do it. This can help remove all corrupt data that might be impairing the functionality of the app.

Additionally, make sure you read the Cyberflix TV APK file’s download instructions before beginning. The popularity of the app has led to a large number of potentially dangerous downloads being made available from third-party websites.


Cyberflix TV and Megabox HD are fantastic video streaming apps with the top entertainment options from around the world. The above instructions provided by the developers have successfully addressed the errors that have recently been reported. While using Cyberflix TV on Android, Firestick, or PC, make sure you have adequate internet connectivity.

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