Desirable Designs by Online Ventures in Last 10 Years – A Glimpse of All Preferable Logo Types


A few major steps let top brands take the lead in the competition. These are also the steps that make all the difference. Top-ranked businesses take caution when their repute is in question; they ensure that their identity and values stand out uniquely. These companies consider different tools, techniques, and trends that can directly or indirectly impact the general public. From marketing material to logo style – they pay extra attention to all the aspects.

The American market is currently facing saturation, and companies find it hard to differentiate themselves. That’s why sensible ventures choose the best online logo design services in the USA. It is critical to have a logo that is self-explanatory and memorable.

The logo is the face of your entire business website. It is the initial interaction between the company and the viewer, extending the idea of what a brand sells and what the company is about. Selecting a memorable, appealing, and trendy logo is not easy. One needs to be attentive to all the ingredients that make your logo appealing.

Here are some of the logo types that most online businesses use. They also prove to be effective and contribute to business success.

  1. Minimalistic Logo Design

This logo design sticks to core characteristics with neutral colors and simple forms. The aim is to achieve elegance by eliminating unnecessary embellishments. It uses monochromatic color palettes and simple shapes for better comprehension by the target audience. Minimalist logos are recognizable and attention-seeking; they hold power that excessive imagery cannot. This results in a modern aesthetic that can mature and grow with the company by strictly using text and heavy fonts.

  • Multi-Layer Logo Designs

Modern online ventures especially use these types of logos. Overlapping elements is a design technique that uses various patterns, shapes, textures, and colors to add depth, balance, and contrast. While layering a logo, a unified and styled appearance is formed. The graphic designers apply the layering process to elements such as letters, colors, shapes, symbols, and patterns. Abrupt color and pattern changes break up other elements in a design. You can also experiment with different line thicknesses and bright color splashes.

  • Picturesque Logo Designs

These logo designs, also known as brand marks, depict real-world objects and send quick messages to the audience. Examples include the bird emblem of Twitter, and the apple image of iPhone Corp. Pictorial trademarks are ideal for technological companies or mobile apps. Because of their simplicity, they are easy to scale down while remaining recognizable. Their resemblance to real-world items also means that, amid a flood of information, the user can easily associate a familiar object with your product or service.

  • San Serif Logo Designs

This logo design has been used since 2018. Many businesses have dislodged their old symbols and chosen the typical San Serif font. The first to go for this change was the fashion designing companies. All of the quirks, peculiarities, and idiosyncrasies of tech and fashion logos were abandoned in favor of this style. To date, many renowned brands prefer to go with San Serif. A business’s favorite is when they want to choose a basic logo with this font style.

  • Combination Logo Designs

The symbol is a distinguishing feature of your brand that can be abstract or literal. A combination logo comprises a wordmark or letter mark with a symbol (also known as a logo mark). Because of its versatility, it is the most common type of logo design. You can use the symbol alone (for example, in social media profile photos or favicons), or you can use it in conjunction with the wordmark or letter mark. A symbol can appear on top of, below, or inside the text when using a combination mark.

Smart online venture goes for simple design which is easy to remember and easy to adapt across multiple marketing channels.

  • Text-Only Logo Designs

Online ventures that prefer to go live with their names choose wordmark logo designs. It can be one-word or hyphenated names. This logo can be stacked to save space and attract viewers. It elicits meaning and evokes the brand’s personality. Moreover, it offers a clear and concise message. Without symbols, illustrations, or imagery, typography takes center stage, and elements such as typeface, color, character features, spacing, and shapes are used to finalize a catchy sign. Professional designers know how to use plenty of room for artistic expression.

  • Emblem Logo Designs

The emblem is one of the oldest types of logos. The elements used in this logo type include vintage-style text inside a container (often a circle or other shape). Emblem logos are used to create an attractive personality for the brand. On the other hand, these logos are difficult to reduce in size when they are to be placed on social media or business cards. However, they make excellent social media profile images due to their shape. Because of their unique design, they also look great as decals and stickers. 

  • Mascot Logo Designs

These logos feature a character that serves as the company’s identity and personality. It gives the target audience a persona to relate to and connect with. Most sellers dealing with children’s items use mascot logos because of their engaging nature. These logo types are popular among service companies, food brands, and sports teams. However, there has been a sudden demand for mascots due to the rise of gaming culture. Apps and tech brands also prefer mascot logos to represent their qualities.

  • Negative Space Logo Designs

Negative space logos use the white space within an image exceptionally well to create a whole new image. It is a fun way to shape and represent an important aspect of your brand. Consider the FedEx logo, which has an arrow in the negative space between the letters E and X. Negative space in logos enjoin designers to showcase creativity and the ability to think outside the box. To cut short, one can say that subtlety is an excellent way to engage and entice customers.

  1. Geometry Shape Logo Designs

A geometric logo is an iconic picture intended to identify a brand. To implement it, you must understand what each shape depicts and how it will align with the brand’s values and identity. A modern logo design employs symbolism: Consider emblems as a go-to for this design style, but avoid anything too regal. Consider how a logo could be translated onto a stamp; a geometric shape is required to hold the design together to maintain structure within the soft texture of the stamp ink.

Things to Remember While Choosing a Logo If You Are an Up-and-Coming Online Venture

A logo conveys the essence of your company. No matter what type of logo you opt for, it should create differentiation for your product or service in the target market. A perfect sign builds recognition and trust among prospective clients if it stands out from similar companies on the market. 

Below are some key points to choose when selecting a logo:

  • A logo exists in both digital and physical forms. It should be scalable in multiple sizes.
  • It should offer a hassle-free printable design and appear flawless after print.  
  • A logo needs to look catchy and convincing on social media.
  • It should be apt for profile pictures, web icons, app icons, and websites.

The list continues with rising tech trends and consumer demands, so brands frequently create designs with and without a symbol to have both on hand. The practice has grown in popularity, especially in the age of social media, where a logo must be used across multiple digital channels.

The Final Words

The first thing your audience will notice is your logo. It is an important part of who you are and what you represent. Your logo is the foundation for your branding, collateral, and future advertising campaigns. You want to express your identity, vibe, and values through it. Viewers make up their minds based on your main look. Hence, a good logo makes your brand memorable and trustworthy. It is better to consider several symbols and decide which can be useful for the business in the long run.