Different Ways to Connect With Your Church and The Body of Christ

When you’re new to your church, it can be difficult to find ways to connect with other parishioners. If you’ve just moved to a new city or town, or if you’re simply looking for something else to get involved in besides the general showings of worship on Sundays.

There are so many things that your church has to offer. But how do you connect with them? How do you build relationships and friendships with others in the church? The answer is easier than you think. 

Here we will explore different ways you can build connections and friendships in your local church. Read on if you want some tips on how to form stronger relationships with other parishionllulars.

Join a Group

In addition to the Sunday services, many churches hold smaller groups or study sessions that are open to members of the church as well as non-members. Joining a group is a great way to get connected with other parishioners and find community in your own church.

If there isn’t a group in your church, you can start your own! Groups often serve many functions: socialization, Bible study, prayer, mentoring, community service, and more. Many churches have a variety of groups for different interests, hobbies, and activities.


Doing volunteer work is a great way to build connections in your church. Not only will you make new friends, you will also gain a new perspective on your faith and a new appreciation of the people around you.

Working with a local charity, community organization, or volunteer center is a great way to get involved and meet others in your community. Churches often have community service projects as part of their regular service or they may convene their parish to serve a special cause or encourage the local community.

Donate Money

Another great way to connect with your church is by supporting their cause with a donation. Giving money to your local church can be especially helpful when a natural disaster strikes. Many churches have disaster relief funds set up for just this reason.

Churches also often have a variety of ongoing projects that depend on donations for funding. If you’re interested in supporting an ongoing cause in your church, you can set up a recurring donation. You can also choose to make a one-time donation on a specific occasion.

Attend Service

If you don’t have time to get involved with the specific ministries of your church, then attending the Sunday service may be your best bet for making connections. Many churches have special events or activities that attract a large number of people each week.

These events might be focused on a particular ministry, such as a service for single parents, or they might be focused on a common interest, such as a concert focused on a band that all the members like.

Become an Event Organizer or Chairperson

Another way to connect with your church is to take on an event organizing or chairperson position. This will give you an opportunity to be more hands-on with the events in your church.

You can also use this opportunity to learn new skills and expand your network of friendships in ways you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. You can find event organizing and chairperson opportunities even within your own church.

Find Other Single People in Church

One of the best ways to make new friends in your church is to find other single people. Whether you are currently single or have recently become single, there are many opportunities to meet other single people in your church.

Many churches have singles events or activities where you can meet others in a similar situation as yourself. You can also look for group activities or social networking events for single people.

Go to Conferences and Events

Doing church-sponsored events and conferences can be a great way to make new friends in your church. Many churches host events or conferences that are open to parishioners as well as non-members.

These events can be a great opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills, meet others who share your interests and build your skills as a communicator. Some conferences are focused on a single topic and others are broadly focused on a variety of topics. Many conferences feature speakers, workshops, exhibits, and more.

Set up a weekly fellowship coffee or tea time

You don’t have to be connected to each other 24/7. In fact, sometimes it’s nice to have some time where you aren’t constantly going at it. A regular fellowship time can give you a chance to connect with others in your own church and strengthen relationships with others outside of it. You can choose a specific time to meet (like after service on Sundays) or you can choose to meet on a more flexible schedule.

Stay Connected After the Service is Over

Try to make it a point to stay connected with your new friends. Keep in touch with the people that you meet, both in person and on social media.

Keeping in touch will help you to stay connected with your new friends and also make it easier to connect with your church when you’re ready. Communication is one of the most important parts of forming friendships in your church.

Communication doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact, it can be very simple. Sending a quick email, sending a group message, or commenting on a social media post will help you to stay connected with your new friends, regardless of where they may be in the world.