Good Girl Perfume Dossier.Co Review

Good Girl perfume

Great Girl Perfume Dossier.Co via Carolina Herrera is an Amber Floral aroma. 2016 saw the arrival of Good Girl. Louise Turner is the perfumer behind this aroma.

First and foremost, Bergamot, Lemon, Almond, and Coffee make up the top notes, while Secondly Orange Blossom, Orris Tuberose, Jasmine Sambac, and Bulgarian Rose make up the center and base notes, in conclusion.

Golden, Cashmere Wood, Cinnamon, Tonka Bean, Cacao, Vanilla, Praline, Sandalwood, Musk, Patchouli, and Cedar make up the base notes.

Subsequently, in September 2016, Carolina Herrera sent off a shiny new scent for ladies.

It’s odd that she picked the name Good Girl for the new, enchanting oriental fragrance that bears the trademark that being bad is great.

Tuberose and simmered tonka bean, which represent a lady’s double nature, are joined in a creative and tempting way in Good Girl.

The perplexing and rich notes of tonka bean and cocoa stand out from a fancy progression of white Sambac jasmine and tuberose.

Model Karlie Kloss is the scent’s face. In any case, the fragrance is accessible in a 50 and 80 ml Eau de Parfum in a stylish dark stiletto-molded bottle which is an extraordinary looking jug plan.

Additionally, Dossier sells aromas that look like extravagance brands at sensible valuing. The business can copy premium scents by doing without pointless cushion like elaborate bundling and planner names.

Dossier has created a great deal of media consideration, as one could anticipate from such a thinking for even a moment to commence.

About Good Girl Perfume Dossier.Co:

Find their unmistakable Good Girl Perfume Dossier.Co scents, a line of venturesome yet rich scents impacted via Carolina Herrera’s own perspective on the dualities of the contemporary lady.

There is a Good Girl fragrance for each lady, notwithstanding their unique Good Girl. The enthusiastically exotic Good Girl Suprême, the reviving Good Girl Légère, and a shimmering more up to date Better Girl Superstars Collector’s Edition, all housed in eye-getting stiletto-molded holders.

Dossier loves to consolidate thoughts and feelings from overall around the whole globe into their image Contrary to being arranged in New York yet having workplaces on three unique landmasses. French design profoundly affects each item indeed.

Outline of Carolina Herrera Brand:

Carolina Herrera, who established the House of Herrera and appeared Carolina Herrera New York in 1981, alongside her extravagance line CH Carolina Herrera in 2001, are known for their brand name polish and easy complexity.

Carolina Herrera Scents, which comprises of scents and an as of late delivered, totally customized cosmetics line. It catches the easygoing refinement and persevering through class of its maker Carolina Herrera.


Carolina Herrera is a significant design brand and incorporates prepared to-wear dresses, frill, scents, cosmetics units, and gifts. Other significant aromas for ladies incorporate 212, CH, and Herrera Confidential.

Dossier makes quality scent for not an exceptional cost. Taking motivation from Herrera’s Good young lady Dossier made a scent called Fruity Almond valued at just $29 which is way less rather than the cost of Good Girl which costs 96 bucks.

The shopping system on Dossier is open and straightforward, obviously like its business approach. To assist you with settling on a simple purchasing choice, each fragrance is recorded close by its related creator scent.

Each jug accompanies a little independent example, so you can give the scent a shot your own skin before consequently concluding whether you need to save the container or return it for a full discount.


Great Girl is an enchanting, reminiscent fragrance that was enlivened by the beautiful differentiations and steady dualism of contemporary ladies and present day culture. This pivotal fragrance depicts a lady’s astonishing intricacy with a blend of new, light, and irritably dull components as well.

Jasmine’s exquisite, enticing qualities give Good Girl its own brilliance and gentility. Tonka and profoundly sweet-smelling cocoa consolidate to make Good Girl’s hazier side. Espresso and almonds give Good Girl its underlying splendor. RC Car The scent’s trump card, tuberose, which is separated in an original way that yields a rich delicacy, adds ease and womanliness.

For sure Good Girl is an ideal illustration of the House of Herrera’s lighthearted elegance and mind.

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Seldom aroma bottles get major areas of strength for such reactions as the progressive Good Girl bottle. The actual scent talks as capably of the strength of contemporary womanhood and a lady’s double nature as the polished flaçon of a fairly high-obeyed shoe does.

The Good Girl heels vial rises additionally on the most elevated, most slender gold-tone heel and is made of smooth, smokey 12 PM blue glass.

Good Girl Perfume Dossier.Co mirrors the substance and creative mind of a contemporary tough lady. It is a strange, very unique aroma in a container that is as remarkable and genuinely charming as the actual scent.

Dossier previously prevailed upon us with its unpacking strategy. Each light pink bundle opened up to show a jug and test alongside a card illustrating the notes, motivation for the first brand, rate fixation, and merchandise exchange of the scent.

We rapidly subsequently understood that the exquisite and homogeneous container plan of Dossier’s fundamental bundling is one of our top choices. The thick glass jugs’ attractive tops and the comparative container plans for each fragrance give them a wonderful (and efficient) appearance on any vanity or end table.


Significant brands have been rivaling each other for quite a long time to attempt whose jugs might offer the best and boldest expression. Carolina Herrera has outshone them generally by delivering a fragrance inside a compartment. That isn’t just daring and eye-getting yet in addition stunningly flawless.

Great Girl is a fragrance “brought into the world of mysteries” that catches the intricacy of the contemporary lady. It adjusts light and dim regarding fragrance, with splendid fancy notes set against the appetizing obscurity of chocolate and espresso. In addition, it has various exciting bends in the road and is hazardous, entrancing, unsafe, and daring.


The container’s appearance is urgent and it is totally dazzling. It’s a ravishing, shimmering stiletto shoe. We should say that we like the bundling of the scent. Indeed, even the bundle it shows up in is lovely. They additionally sell smaller than expected renditions and roller balls.


There is only BEAUTIFUL about this. Additionally, the compartment and configuration should be valued. This was unique and innovative. Jasmine Sambac, Tuberose, Cocoa, Tonka, Almond, and Coffee are among the notes. The tuberose and jasmine are, as I would like to think, the more grounded notes. An exceptionally gentle almond flavor adjust any too-pleasant smells. Nothing normal about this fragrance; it’s a scent. Besides, we can’t smell any espresso, tonka, or cocoa straightforwardly in this. The result is magnificent.


It’s strong, somewhat silly, and a lot of tomfoolery. Besides, Good Girl Perfume Dossier.Co is exquisite and female. It doesn’t have areas of strength for a, smell, it has a lovely fragrance.

Dossier alternately has aromas that are amazingly indistinguishable from their creator motivations and most even appear to endure longer.