How Eyebrow Hair Transplant Works and Its Benefits

eyebrow hair transplant palm desert

The new inventions in cosmetic treatments offer surprising results to the advantage seekers. Now, you can undergo advanced procedures to transform your looks for improved aesthetic benefits. Eyebrow restoration is one of those procedures that is gaining massive popularity among individuals. This treatment is associated with the permanent growth of eyebrow hairs. So, if you have thin and patchy brows, you can undergo eyebrow hair transplant Palm Desert treatment. 

It is a permanent and improved treatment than eyebrow lamination and microblading. You will be able to enhance the size and shape of your eyebrows in a dramatic way with no complications at all. So, let’s check the functionality and advantages of this cosmetic treatment.

What does an eyebrow transplant do?

You should look no further to achieve that bushy brows, which are ideal for improving facial looks. The time has changed now as women admire having thick and long brows like men. So, this treatment is a viable solution for both males and females. The hairs are relocated from a donor site to the eyebrows in this process. The surgeon is mainly concerned about the hairs which are located on the back of the head. The hairs could be extracted with two prominent methods such as FUT and FUE. However, the decision of choosing one among both these methods mainly depends upon the surgeon. So, the hairs will be removed from the donor site and will be implanted carefully in the brows.

Who can undergo an eyebrow hair restoration?

As mentioned earlier, that is an optimum cosmetic solution for both men and women. So, anyone can get this treatment to attain fuller and thicker eyebrows. Moreover, you can prefer this treatment if you have thin brows as a result of over-plucking of hairs. Some people tend to pluck the hairs on their brows that turn into thin eyebrows. You might also have naturally thin hairs due to genetics and medical condition. So, you can consider this treatment to restore proper hair growth on brows. 

Moreover, the cost of eyebrow transplant is lower than other hair transplantations. So, this is relatively an economical solution to get fuller and thicker eyebrows. You can also get this treatment due to burn and accident trauma that can affect the appearance of brows.

Advantages of eyebrow hair restoration

You probably want to become a candidate for a cosmetic procedure if it is beneficial, right? So, there is no exception when it comes to attaining seamless advantage from eyebrow hair restoration. Although this is a surgical procedure but is minor in nature. You won’t have to wait longer to get this treatment. After getting the treatment, you also do not have to depend on cosmetics to fill the patchy brows.

Complete hair restoration

With eyebrow hair transplant Palm Desert, you can get complete hair restoration for overly plucked eyebrows. This will align the shape of your brows and fill the blank spaces to give you an improved look. Moreover, you will feel good about yourself while looking in the mirror.

Conceal the scars

Plucking of brows may leave the area with some sort of scarring. You may also have scars on the eyebrow area due to an accident and surgical procedure. So, with eyebrow restoration, you can also hide those visible scars effectively. This treatment will fully conceal the scars and gives you an appealed look.

Boost facial features

With eyebrow restoration, you can also improve your facial features. Eyebrows add appeal to overall facial beauty by matching the shape of the nose and lips. So, you can improve the overall appearance of your face.

Reasonable cost

The cost of eyebrow transplant is also lower than scalp and beard hair transplant. So, you can undergo this treatment without worrying about financial obstacles. An eyebrow hair restoration mainly requires 200 to 300 hair grafts for complete restoration. These numbers are comparatively lower than other hair transplantations. Moreover, the surgeon only has to devote 2 to 3 hours which will also reduce the cost of this procedure.

Minimal side effects

A properly executed eyebrow restoration procedure would bring only minimal side effects. You do not have to worry about getting any severe side effects after the treatment. However, bleeding and swelling around the eyes are some potential outcomes of treatment. But with proper care, you can get rid of these side effects and can recover faster to see your naturally growing brows.

To sum up

Eyebrow hair transplant Palm Desert is a permanent way to fill uneven and patchy eyebrows. It is also a prominent approach to adding alignment and shape to the brows. The procedure involves the removal of health grafts from the donor regions. Then the hairs are implanted in bald brows for the natural occurrence of hair growth. You can see fuller growth of brows in 6 to 8 months.