How Much Does It Cost to Develop Dog Walking Apps Like Wag? 

Cost to Develop App Like Wag

The dog pet walking is increasing with time and will not stop here. You saw many how people are changing with time and move towards digital platforms and rely on them. While mobile app development has increased because people want on-demand apps for people’s convenience.

The escalation of technology changes increased the on-demand app development, and Dog Walking App Development increased. Keep reading this. This article will guide you with all the information about dog walking apps.

Market Status Of Dog Walking Apps

When you are building a dog walking app, as a developer, you should consider the factors which make your application perfect. Thus, market status is one of them that you should consider while building an app. The market status will give you information on whether customers like dog walking apps or not. Furthermore, it will provide you with clarity on whether your dog walking app development business will become lucrative or not. The following are numeric.

Dog walking app like wag
  • The statista record defined the 2019 estimated value at USD 2.6 billion, which will increase with an 8.7% CAGR rate from 2020 to 2027.
  • Investment in the dog pet walking app will increase with time as it resolves time-consuming issues.
  • The accordance with APPA, 69.51 billion was invested in U.S. pets in 2017
  • Plus, according to the APPA (American Pet Products Association), pet ownership has increased by 56% to 68% in the last 30 years. Thus, 85% of households will have a pet in 2018.

What is Wag?

It is an on-demand dog walking service that allows customers to book their pet’s care in their nearby areas. The services provided to you from walking, planning a trip with your dog, or finding a friend for your dog are all available with simple taps. The additional features in this application are:

  • Users can book or schedule walks according to the dog and their needs.
  • They can sit and board their dogs.
  • Users can take help from the vet for their dogs and ask questions.
  • They can book a one to one personal training session for their dogs.

Steps To Create Dog Walking App

When you want to build apps like wag, you should consider some factors that help you build an appropriate application. Once you know the basic structure of creating an app, you can create a better on-demand dog walking app. Here are the steps you should follow.

1You should do a good market search to build an app: You should do good market research when you want to build apps like wag. It would help you build an application as you will become more aware of it. You will get a handy list of the likes and dislikes of the target audience and what is going on in the market. Thus, before building an app, you must do market research well.

Select the features which you want to incorporate into the app: To build an app, you must consider on-demand dog walking app features and categories. It means you should know what kind of application you want, whether it be a pet owner’s application, a dog walker application, or an admin-facing application. It will be easy when you have decided on your category. Here are some features which might be helpful for you.

Owners application

  • Build a personal profile
  • Users can filter nearby areas for dog walkers
  • They can check the dog walker profile
  • Booking and scheduling of dog walkers
  • Push notifications

Walkers app feature

  • They can get booking requests
  • Users can check real-time request
  • Provide them with customer information
  • Set availability for them
  • Provide the walkers an earning profit summary

Admin-facing application

  • They manage dog walking booking
  • They provide push notifications
  • Provide them advance analytics
  • Manage payment
  • Dog walker’s real-time tracking

3. Choose one professional folk for your project: To establish dog walking business software, you must hire a mobile app developer who helps in building a perfect application. You can also consult a mobile app development company. It would help you to build an app with proper technology implementation and according to the target audience.

4. Finalize the worker’s structure: Once you consider all features and categories and finalize the structure of your app after finalizing, you can develop an app. However, you have to consider the team structure as well. So that the team will handle their responsibility properly, the following are the team structure.

  • Business Analysts
  • Application
  • Project Manager
  • Front-end developer
  • QA

5. Choose one stack tech for your app: Now all you have to do is select one technology that leads your dog walking business software ahead. It depends on what kind of app you want to build. Plus, it depends on the customer-based and finalized platform like

  • Mobile app development
    • Android app development
    • iOS app development
  • Web app development

6. Agree and decide on the cost of developing your app: When you decide all the development process. You have to consider the cost and finalize it once. Your development cost depends on some factors like

  • Kind of dog walkers app
  • Application platform
  • Complexities of features and functionalities of the app
  • Number of the developer team
  • Updates

Features Of Dog Walking Apps Like Wag

When creating an On-Demand Dog Walking App Development, you must consider some features which you should have in the application. Once you search apps like rover, you will know what features you should add. Here are the following features you can consider.

  • Live notification: Your application should provide a live notification for the user’s convenience. Suppose you are using an app and you want a live notification of the booking process, and your app won’t provide it. Obviously, it would create a bad impression on your users and create a bad user experience, and you won’t use your app again.
  • Dog reports and live tracking: When they choose a dog walker, they want some insurance whether their dog is safe or not. On top of that, if your application provides live tracking of walkers, it would create a plus point for you. Thus, live tracking in the application is a must, and for guidance, you can consult apps like rover.
  • Users can rate and review: Users should feel free to complain and compliment your application. Once users feel free to communicate, they will love your application. However, if your application won’t have a rate and review, it will impact your customers.
  • Schedule/book a dog walker:  Booking a dog walker should be easy and quick. When users book their time slot, they might be in a hurry and want to finalize things quickly. Thus, you have to make the schedule feature easy.

Cost Of Developing Dog Walking App

Suppose you want to build an app like Rover On-Demand Dog Walking App. It would help if you considered an app development cost that might vary because of factors like the number of developers, additional features, location, and time consumption. Still, the overall app development cost is around $10,000 to $40,000. Whereas the average development cost of a dog walking app is $10,000 to $30,000. Thus, you have to consider all these factors and maintain your budget.

Bottom Line

These are the basic steps and aspects that you have to consider to develop a rover on-demand dog walking app. Once you do market research about the dog walking app before building an app. It would help you become more aware of features, trends and customer attraction. In this article, we provided complete information about building an app. We hope it will help you in building an app.