How to Choose the Best Keyboard for your Computer

Best Keyboard

This article will help you choose the best keyboard for your needs.
There are three major types of keyboards: membrane, mechanical, and ergonomic. Membrane keyboards are the cheapest option and they are usually found on laptops or desktop computers. Mechanical keyboards are more expensive than membrane keyboards but they offer a better typing experience. Ergonomic keyboards offer even better typing experience but they can be very expensive.

The keyboard is a device that allows the user to input text into a computer or other electronic device. It is typically used as an alternative to the mouse.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a keyboard, such as size, layout, and features. The size of the keyboard will depend on personal preference,

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The Type of keyboard and sizes

but typically, there are three sizes: full-size, tenkeyless (TKL), and compact. The layout of the keyboard will depend on how you type. There are two main layouts: QWERTY and Dvorak. Additionally, there are many features that can be included in keyboards such as backlighting and programmable keys.
Choosing the best keyboard for your needs is hard, there are so many options. You could look at the reviews and see what people like and dislike about each one. You could also look at what features you need and then find a keyboard with those features.

If a keyboard is wireless or has wireless connectivity, we take a closer look at that connection – just how solid it is, whether there are discernible lags, and what its range is.

If a keyboard has additional features, we test those out as well, checking how effective they are and how useful they can be in real-world scenarios. Finally, we take everything we’ve learned and compare it with the keyboard’s price to gauge if it’s great value or if it’s too overpriced to be worth recommending.

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This article will help you choose the best keyboard for your needs.

There’s a lot to love about the Razer Huntsman V2 that we hardly know where to start. One of the best keyboards out there for gaming, this optical keyboard is a chock-full of features. Perhaps the best of them all is its 8,000Hz polling rate, which should be a joy to competitive gamers and fast, power typers.

While it is wrapped in a compact package, we found it to deliver a pleasant typing experience during testing, with its keys ergonomically designed to keep your fingertips in place and feel tactile despite the lack of mechanical switches.

It’s robust as well – the absence of any detectable scratches or bumps after a week of carting it around in our backpack is proof. And, naturally, since it is Logitech, there’s a great system here for multi-device connectivity, allowing you to pair it with three devices at once and easily switch from one to the other on the fly.

The Best way to choose

More than a speedy thing though, it’s comfortable, versatile, and attractive, touting keycaps that we found to be pleasing to use for long hours, fully programmable keys, and RGB lighting that wraps around it like a nice bow.

We love its plush wrist rest as well, as it keeps wrist fatigue at bay. Best of all, we found it incredibly quiet during our tests – much quieter than its mechanical counterparts. That’s a real perk for gamers who prefer to do their button mashing and speed typing sessions late at night. It isn’t the cheapest, but it’s well worth our hard-earned money.

Not only is this a sturdy, tactile and attractive keyboard, but it also features a unique dial on its top left corner. It’s the key element here as it helps creatives expedite and smoothen their workflow while also putting the focus back on the creative process.

This dial’s functionality will vary depending on the application, from simply controlling the volume on the desktop to changing levels in various tools in Photoshop. As for the rest of the keyboard, we found it to deliver good actuation, a nice bounce back, and great accuracy with no discernable lags during our tests.

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The Good way to choose

With gold-plated Cherry MX mechanical switches under the keycaps, you’re also guaranteed the best and most satisfying experience of your life. That makes it a terrific option for the office. Of course, the dedicated media keys also make it the ideal keyboard for those who like to consume media while staying productive.

It’s not the most affordable keyboard on our list, but if you’re looking for something a little bit more premium, Das is the way to go.

Most of us spend a considerable amount of time in front of a computer with a keyboard as our main typing device. As such, it’s important to choose a keyboard with features that suit our needs, whether it’s for gaming or productivity.

It can be hard to choose the right keyboard for your needs because there are mechanical and non-mechanical keyboards; even at that, there are tons of mechanical switches, so the possibilities of which keyboards you can buy are endless.

The Knowledge you should know

However, it’s a full-size keyboard with a Numpad, so it’s better suited for a permanent desk setup. If you’re limited on desk space or want something more portable, the Logitech MX Keys Mini is nearly identical to the full-size version, but it’s smaller and easier to slide into a backpack and bring around.

Though you should note that if you aren’t planning on using Bluetooth, it isn’t compatible with Logitech’s unifying receiver, and instead uses the BOLT receiver, which has to be purchased separately.

If you’re in the market for a new keyboard but don’t want to drop a small fortune, the Logitech K380 is a solid choice. As a compact, lightweight keyboard, it’s extremely portable, making it well-suited for hybrid work-from-home situations, as you can easily toss it into a backpack and bring it to the office or a co-working space.


You can also pair it with up to three devices using a Bluetooth connection, and switching between devices is as easy as pressing F1.

It’s a popular choice among students or professionals who use a mobile device like a tablet or an iPad since the keyboard connects with any Bluetooth-enabled device, and nearly all keys work by default on any operating system. It’s a straightforward budget option that doesn’t need an enthusiast understanding to operate, so it’s well-suited for less tech-savvy people just looking for a cheap keyboard for daily use.