How to draw a farm

Draw a great-looking farm with simple, step-by-step drawing instructions and a tutorial. Great for children and beginner artists! A farm is a property dedicated to agriculture – the storage of useful plants and animals, mainly for food. Farms worldwide differ in what they grow – cattle and wheat in Central America; Fruit trees in Florida and California, USA; Pineapple in Hawaii; Olives in Europe; Bananas and coffee in tropical regions; Rice in Asia; et Ainsi de suite.

Farms have also become a sign of memories in the popular culture of the “good old days.” It can be partially because many families had a certain degree of agriculture a century ago, e.g., B. a milk animal and a garden to supplement your diet. This tradition is largely lost through large-scale agricultural operations, sufficient cooling, urbanization, and “day jobs.”

Would you like to draw a farm? This simple, step-by-step-cartoon tutorial is here to show you how. All you require is a pencil, an eraser, and a piece of paper.

Drawing a Farm

Step 1:

First, pull the gentle hills. Draw extended, curved lines that overlay and bond.

Step 2:

Draw the barn on the highest hill. First, use straight lines to add a heptagon or a seven-sided form. The hill ridge will serve as a seventh side. It describes the front of the barn. Then draw straight lines in parallel to the upper four sides. Connect them with curved lines on the corners and form the barn’s roof.

Next, join straight lines and use the hill again as the fourth side. Draw straight lines parallel to the lines and connect them to a curved line on the corner. Finally, draw two vertical parallel lines in the middle of the rectangle. It completes the barn doors.

Step 3:

Use couples of parallel lines to draw “X” shapes over each door.

Step 4:

Draw a window in the attic or the upper history of the barn. Then draw a slightly larger square with all parallel lines. Then include a narrow rectangle over it. Draw horizontal parallel lines above the window and a circle over the ropes. Have small rectangles here and there on the front of the barn couples to give it the texture of the brick.

Step 5:

Use curved lines that meet at jagged points to draw hay from the attic. Texture the grass with curved lines.

Step 6:

Delete guidelines behind the hay. Use a few curved lines to implement the trunk. Then use many connected “U” -formed lines to outline the cloud-like tree trunk. Texture the tree with short lines.

Step 7:

Draw a special item. Draw a large, narrow pentagon for every good fence post. Shadow a small circle near his upper part. Then connect the fence posts using straight-line pairs.

Step 8:

Draw bushes behind the fence connected “U” shaped lines. Then draw the trunk of a tree with a couple of curved lines. Enter the crown or treetop of “U” connected “U” with connected “U” and text the tree and bushes with short lines.

Step 9:

Draw plants and flowers along the slope. Use “U” connected lines to describe green. Texture with short lines. Use main lines for bud stems and rings for flower crowns. Surface the blossoms with curved lines.

Step 10:

Color your farm.

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