How to Get HGV Licence in UK?


In UK, the majority of HGVs are employed for transportation. Getting to the location where you may study HGV driving techniques is the greatest way for you to find employment as an HGV driver in UK.

While searching the internet, you might find a longer list of sectors that require HGV drivers. You can approach the HGV training class as a driver who is more qualified for the work by being aware of the demand, eligibility, local knowledge, and other requirements. If you have a valid UK driver’s licence and are at least 18 years old, you can apply for the HGV driving licence to work as an HGV driver.

The UK now needs 50,000 more HGV drivers from diverse industries. You have a great chance to meet the requirements for the desired positions. To obtain an HGV or C+ E Licence, you must register your information with a training centre that is allowed to provide HGV instruction.

Predictably, depending on how cooperative you are, this training session will last 8 to 11 weeks.

Steps to get an HGV licence

It is challenging to obtain an HGV licence in the UK without first meeting the requirements for another licence. Look at the provided details to learn how long it takes to obtain this licence.

  • You must already possess a valid DVLA or Cat C licence in order to start the process of getting an HGV licence for your upcoming career as an HGV driver. To obtain this type of licence, you must pass both a computer-based theoretical test and a practical test from an authorised testing facility.
  • After getting a cat C licence, you must complete training to obtain a temporary lorry licence before you may apply for an HGV licence. You must have a condition that prevents you from acquiring a provisional truck licence in order to obtain an HGV C+E Licence.
  • After getting a provisional licence, you can submit an application for an HGV licence. To enrol in this course, you must first pass the CPC theoretical exam pertaining to your HGV occupation. To adhere to the legal requirements set forth by the UK government, you must pass the test with a high score.
  • After completing the first practical test that makes you eligible for an HGV licence, you must complete additional practical tests to obtain a HGV licence. If you want to drive an HGV, you must pass ongoing practical exams and have your licence graded E.

Clear Viewpoints

In order to succeed in the HGV industry, you must make a good decision and locate a training facility that provides instruction that is both affordable and current. You must acquire the best instruction possible from LGV training if you want to get your licence as soon as feasible. You must successfully pass your exam within the given weeks in order to access the employment market for HGV drivers with solid credentials. Make sure you are familiar with the steps and procedures needed to acquire an HGV C+E licence.

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