How to Host a Virtual Job Fair?

Virtual Job Fair

A virtual job fair is almost similar to a traditional job fair where the job seekers meet the recruiters and discuss various employment opportunities, except that it is being held online. The traditional job fairs limited the opportunities for talented candidates to access companies and vice versa. Attendees were mostly people from nearby areas. It was not feasible to attract global talent. The budget and capacity constraints of conventional career fairs contributed to their low return on investment. On the other hand, Virtual Job Fairs have opened up new gates of opportunities for the employers as well as the job aspirants providing them with an unstipulated zone of communication.

The benefits of organizing a Virtual Job Fair.

Due to social distancing still being practised in many places, gathering people at a place is a difficult task. This has led people to put on their thinking caps and look out for alternate options. It is also reshaping the talent acquisition process and the industry is becoming more and more inclined toward digital hiring methods. The virtual job fairs have been of great advantage to both the parties i.e. those looking for a job as well as those seeking candidates for hire. In the near foreseeable future, virtual career fairs seem to be a perfect way out.

As everything takes place online, the people looking for a job can visit various booths, ask queries, clear their doubts, gather information and build networks from their own comfort zone without having to travel all around to explore different opportunities.

Virtual Job Fairs are also quite beneficial for the employers too as they are quite cost-effective and also help save a lot of travelling time, and resources as well as provide a wider talent pool to choose from.

Virtual job fairs are becoming one of the most popular and safer options for many job seekers and employers.

Requirements for hosting a Virtual Job Fair.

The prerequisites to hold a virtual fair include the following:

1. Prepare a strategic outline:

The outline of the complete event should include details like the total cost of the event, the targeted contenders as per the qualification, experience and other aspects, the number of participants, application tracking & resume scanning software, no. of booths, ease of participation etc.

2. Choosing an apt web platform:

There are many platforms out there like Brazen, CareerEco, Vfairs, Talentspace, VidCruiter, DREAMCAST, Paradox and many more. While selecting the most suitable platform, you should keep in mind the target audience of the event and the features that are quintessential to make it a success which can range from online security, absolute customization, interactive tools, customer support etc. Platforms like DREAMCAST provide you with 100% customization regarding the same.

3. Setting up of booths by the potential recruiters:

There are booths in a virtual fair where the job seekers can obtain information and interact with the job providers. The features of the booths are majorly dependent on the web platform you are using. Colourful, well-represented booths that are easy to navigate are a must for the successful execution of a Virtual Job Fair. Out of the numerous options, the Dreamcast team have proven to be the game-changer in this field, whether it’s catering to your wish of creating additional spaces like meeting rooms for extensive interviews, live streaming of the guest speakers and many more.

4. Marketing the Event:

This is the most important aspect to make any event a success. You need to strategize the complete marketing plan, starting from the content, materials required, and all the channels wanted for publicizing the event which can be via social media, search engine optimization, print or e-advertisements. One can also prepare marketing tool kits for the exhibitors and partners and invite them as well to contribute to marketing the event. This could prove to be a great aid for the organizers in reaching out to a larger number of candidates.

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5. Captivating the participants:

It is quite necessary to keep the registered job contenders engaged by sending out frequent reminders, giving out information about the lucrative job roles that would be available, handing out some preparation tips, and organizing a few workshops with renowned guest speakers. You can also create a forum of the participants on the social media platforms and take in their suggestions or prepare a questionnaire regarding their expectations. This all can prove to be highly useful in flawless conducting of the Virtual Job Fair because if the suggestions are feasible enough, we can convey the same to prospective recruiters as well as the programs can be tailored to the needs of the contenders.

6. Buck-up the job seekers:

You should always encourage the aspiring candidates by displaying the positive aspects of the participating employers. You can always ask the contenders to upload their resumes on the portal specifically created for the Job Fair to allow you a smooth screening from the talent pool giving you a heads up regarding the most potential ones.

7. Feedback to culminate:

At the end of the Virtual Job Fair, it is tremendously important to calculate whether it was a success or not by systemic analysis of the hiring carried out. It is also of great importance to take detailed feedback from both the employers and the seekers to work on our shortcomings in the future.

Concluding Remarks:

The Virtual event platform in the current scenario has justified its advantages to the hilt. The pros of organizing a Virtual Job Fair outweigh its cons by a fair huge margin. You need to keep abreast with the ever-evolving talent acquisition methods to catch up with the pace of the industry. The extremely important aspect of its complete accomplishment depends on the web platform chosen. Platforms like DREAMCAST have time and again exceeded their own benchmark to comply with the client’s requisitions. Be it the 100% customization of their platform or their completely professional and dedicated team, they have excelled everywhere. So, you can say that Virtual Job Fairs are the future of the headhunting industry.

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