How to Measure Digital Marketing Performance?

How to Measure Digital Marketing Performance?
How to Measure Digital Marketing Performance?

Marketing is an important factor in increasing business growth and revenue. If the proper strategies are used. Any brand that begins marketing expects positive results. And they will only pay you if the ads are clicked, sales are made, and leads are generated after the campaign. If your boss asks you to represent the results and performance of digital marketing, you have a solution. Because we’ll be talking about how to measure marketing performance after each campaign. Digital marketing is the most effective way to maximize return on investment. Social media marketing in Dubai is the most rapid of all.

Measuring the Digital marketing strategies:

Either you are paying for marketing your business or not. If you are visible on Digital platforms, then this is the smart way to keep a track of your performance. Take some time out of your busy schedule and do some calculations and evaluations on regular basis. Here are the ultimate ways for measuring your digital marketing performance.

Know the sites visits

If your company has a website for business dealings in the digital age, it is an important step toward better results. You can use it to showcase your work, services, products, and other information about your company. However, you should also work on informative blogs that will drive traffic to your company’s website.

Now comes the hard part: analyzing the total number of site visits. On a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, this must be observed and calculated. So that you can accurately measure the figures and outcomes of each activity and performance of SEO services in UAE.

Measure the performance by inbound link strategy:

You can use various tools to get this job done for you. You can have all the data by this inbound link technique. It can do wonders if do it appropriately. This will help the google algorithm to scale your website as the good one which contains quality content. You must set a limit for this because too less is an issue and too much is also a problem with inbound linking.

Learn about the source of traffic

Another important way to assess your digital marketing performance is to examine the source of each visitor. Finding out isn’t as difficult as it appears. This can be found in the section of the web’s traffic record. You will learn exactly which state or country is sending the most people to your content and business website. And what could be your next target to achieve the attention of a particular region? You can enhance your local SEO services in Dubai if you want local growth more than international.

  • The tracking includes who are the direct visitors that use your URL to get in touch with you.
  • Organic traffic that uses a Search engine to reach out to your web
  • Referrals links, those visitors who came on your web by using a link on some other website or platform
  • Through email marketing campaign.
  • Visitors come to your web through a social media marketing campaign or any influencer.
  • And lastly, paid visitors, for which you paid the publisher to get your ad posted on their site or page.

Bounce rate per day

This is the rate that describes why the visitor comes and goes back instantly. This might cause because of any reasons.

  • Your website is too slow to load and not able to grab the visitor’s attention
  • Your website is not able to provide the information a visitor is looking for through the landing page
  • Content is worthy, but not that engaging for the reader
  • Pages are giving errors

Activity or interaction per visit

The audience is coming your way, which is great. And now the main goal is to know what they are doing and searching from your content. Know what they like the most, if you are a motivational writer or beauty writer you might be using written and visual content. Map out what they are enjoying more. If the traffic is more into visual or pictorial content, then your next aim must be to bring out such content more. Some like video content so you can reach out to the Influencer marketing agency Dubai for generating creative content.

Traffic from mobile users

If your pages and web are mobile-friendly, then there are more chances to grow your business a lot faster. Because the majority of people use mobile phones on daily basis to get the job done. You should measure digital marketing performance from this viewpoint.

CTR (Click through Rate)

This is an extremely important way to measure the digital marketing that you perform through email marketing, PPC efforts, and a lot more. The higher CTR means you have to pay less for paid marketing.

Time session spent by each visitor

You must need to evaluate your visitor’s sessions they spend on your website.

Most viewed pages, content, or product

If you know the number of times a visitor views a page of your website is an important factor for measuring digital marketing performance.