Making people feel and look attractive is the responsibility of a cosmetologist. However, after providing other cosmetology services, cosmetologists might make additional revenue by selling hair products to their clients. 

Therefore, a cosmetologist may significantly enhance her revenue from each client if she sells hair products and develops a retail clientele.

Business Licenses

You will need a cosmetology license to work as a hairstylist and provide other beauty services to clients. To sell hair products to customers, nevertheless, is often subject to different business license requirements. Locate the state agency that issues licenses through the US Small Business Administration in order to submit an application for a business license. Put your name, address, Social Security number, and occupation on the business license application. Typically, state business licenses cost less than $100.

Revenue Taxes

On retail goods supplied to customers, many states levy sales taxes. For instance, you might pay taxes to the state equal to 8% of the sales price for each bottle of shampoo you sell to customers. Contact your state’s tax office and register for a tax identification number. The condition typically requires your business license number, personal contact information, and a small description of your selling items. Registration is generally accessible.

Wholesale Distributors

You must purchase items from wholesale beauty supply firms below retail costs if you want to sell hair products for a profit. Check online distributors if a beauty supply wholesaler doesn’t exist in your location (see Resources). Wholesale organizations often require a copy of your business license, your contact information, and an estimate of the quantity of hair products you want to sell. The typical discount offered by wholesalers on products is between 10% and 50% off the retail price.

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