How To Stop Google To Delete My Photos 


Have you ever unintentionally clicked Google Photos‘ Turn the backup on button? Now that Google Drive is attempting to upload tens of thousands of images to the cloud, how do you feel when your account’s limited storage space is almost immediately filled?

Backup is swiftly disabled, but the harm has already been done. These pictures already occupy that area in the cloud. It doesn’t take long for 15GB of space to vanish if you’re still using Google Drive’s free plan.

When using Google Photos on any type of phone, something irritating occurs. Every time you use the app, you must grant it permission to erase photographs. Thank goodness, you can stop this.

When you attempt to delete images from the cloud, the local storage on any devices linked to your Google account will be overwritten and forcibly deleted as well. That is if you go to your cloud-stored images and take the decision to remove everything there to save up space before comprehending the complexities of Google’s terrible backup mechanism.

But somehow, end up losing them permanently from local storage as well. It might be the case that you unintentionally removed something significant to you without realizing it would be gone forever.

So, in that case, you need to stop or prevent google from permanently removing your photos from your local backup as well. Let us see further how you can do this.

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Steps to Stop Google from Removing Photos Permanently 

Stopping Google Photos’ capacity to alter your local files is a vital way to safeguard the local storage on your phone. Follow the below steps to adjust the permission settings of google.

  1. Open Settings on your phone.
  1. Go to the Apps option.
  1. Search and select the Photos option in it.
  1. In case you are doing this on a Google Pixel phone,  first, open the Photos program and then the Settings.
  1. Choose the Permissions option.
  1. Now, click on Files & Media option.
  1. Choose the Do not Allow setting.
  1. Now, go to the Photos app, and click the NO option on the photos permission prompt to alter your data.

The local storage on your phone is no longer accessible to Google Photos. It cannot access your images, files, or media so even if you start deleting cloud-based photos, they won’t also disappear from your phone. 

So, now you can delete the images without any worry.

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Steps to Remove Images from Google Photos ONLY

Refer to and follow the below instructions to ensure the safe removal of your photos from Google Photos only and not from the local storage.

  1. Utilize a different device to sign into your Google account. In order to make this process simpler, we advise utilizing a PC system.
  1. Open Google Chrome on the PC system.
  1. Go to the menu on the top below your profile image.
  1. Find and select the Photos icon.
  1. Now that you’re in the Photos app, you can delete anything at all. 
  1. When selecting photos, hold down Shift to select multiple images at once.
  1. After you’ve done making room, go back to your mobile and permit Photos to access your local storage once more.
  1. You can refer to the above-mentioned steps to do so. Select Allow in the prompt.

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So this was all about preventing Google Photos from hampering your precious photographs.No doubt, Google works very smartly in all its functioning, but sometimes it may also create unwanted mishaps. Hence, in this article, we have described the systematic steps through which you can prevent this.