10 Best Ideas For Reuse Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard is extensively used all around us, starting from the packaging of gifts to the huge shipping box. Even if you are purchasing something in bulk, it means that you are making a large collection of cardboard boxes which occupies much space in your home. Recycling it is a good option but if you repurpose them it is even better. Making something from it will take the place of some other item you need to purchase. Thus reducing more waste. 

Before disposing of them, you can make some of the very creative and amazing things for your kids or decorate your house. Using the leftovers of cardboard in an ingenious way is a fun activity for you and your family. Below are some the best ideas to reuse the cardboard boxes to make some amazing creations of your own:

Gift Boxes

Do not waste the cardboard or the white boxes you have in your stock. Best way to utilize them is to make unique and creative gift boxes according to the specific occasion. Use wrapping paper for covering the box, print out interesting pictures and paste them into it. For more decoration, you can add button, shiny ribbons to make it look more enchanting.

Party Decoration

Whether it’s the occasion of a birthday, bridal shower, anniversary or family get together you can use the pieces of cardboard to make party decoration. Cut the letters out of it or make flowers or other interesting patterns; use fascinating colors to make it look attractive. Tie them with a ribbon and place it on the wall. It will really make your party look more decorative.

Goodie Bag

When you are going to celebrate your kid’s birthday, the best option is to utilize cardboard to make these adorable goodie bags. This will create an innovative touch then to purchase generic goodie bags from a store. Make down the handles by using beads or other stuff. Children will also enjoy the new idea. If you give it a strong base, they can also serve as grocery bags or shopping bags.

Cardboard Roll Mirror

No one has ever thought of such an interesting idea to make a decorative wall mirror out of cardboard. Make long strips of cardboard, cut them according to the desired size. Roll them to make a design as below, fit up against a round mirror in between the design. This beautiful hanging mirror will make your wall look more attractive.

Lined Canvas Bins

For organizing waste, make beautiful decorative bins. They can manage your paper waste well as well as serve a good alternative to diaper box. You can line the basket with some colored cloth. Apply some strong adhesive to fasten the cloth with the cardboard bin. This will make them look attractive and more durable.

Wall Art

Canvas is expensive to purchase. But it is really adorable if you make an alternative to it at home. Use cardboard from the shoe box tops and color them using a primer. Apply white paint for a more delicate look. Decorate it according to your taste. It will make a great wall art. Customized cardboard boxes can also be used for this purpose as they exist in different sizes so making your wall art more attractive. Custom cardboard generic patterns will take you a step forward in wall decoration.

Children’s Dollhouse

Dollhouse and other related accessories are expensive to purchase as well as they acquire a great space in your house. You can manage both the issue well by making your own decorative dollhouse from the leftovers of cardboard boxes available at your home. It will be a great experience for you and your kid as well. And when your children grow out of it, you can easily recycle it without collecting it in your dustbin.

Desktop Organizer

Cardboard is the best solution to your every time problems of losing the keys, phone and other important things. Use your old cardboard stuff to construct handy organizers with little creativity. You can give it the shape of a rectangular box or a hanging bag and cover it with some fabric to keep your all valuables together. It will save your time and efforts to search the things and make them organized in a good way.

Geometric Cardboard Lamp

One of the most innovative ideas is to make a lamp out of cardboard. Take a cardboard sheet and draw geometric patterns inside it. Cut it with the help of a cutter and make the shape you desire around a light bulb.

Fabric Picture Frames

Use a cardboard to make the inner structure of a photo frame. Cut it into your desired shape. Cover it with some fabric to give a more inspiring look. Frame your photos beautifully.

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