In Terms of Market Capitalization – What Are The 5 Top Metaverse Coins?

Metaverse Coins

Many things have gone Meta lately, and I’m not just referring to Facebook. Everyone is talking about the Metaverse, and investors are rushing into metaverse tokens.

Metaverses are digital worlds where you can shop, socialize, work, visit art galleries, and go to concerts – many of the same things you can do in the real world. We already see people using cryptocurrencies to buy land and goods in various virtual universes. While it has been suggested that the Metaverse will evolve in several ways, top metaverse coins will likely be the preferred payment method.

What Are Metaverse Coins, And How Do They Work?

Metaverse residents use metaverse coins as a form of payment. You can use the coins to buy almost everything in the three-dimensional environment, from your avatar’s clothes to real estate. You can also use the platform to create and sell items, goods, and services.

Additionally, some users can use specific tokens in their Metaverse while purchasing others on cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance. Metaverse tokens are more than just cash in play. However, they have intrinsic value inside and outside the Metaverse.

For example, money can reflect a community’s unique values, such as its members. Also, users can use this money to gain access to VIP features and compete with other players. In addition, they can exchange top Metaverse coins for real money.

Users can use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to acquire ownership of non-fungible digital assets such as artworks and antiques. As with any other investment, Metaverse tokens require careful research to determine if you are making the right choice.

Investors consider many factors, including the market capitalization of the investment. This article will help you determine which coin has the most potential and is currently performing well.

The Top Metaverse Coins You Should Buy Now

As Metaverse projects are relatively new, coin prices are quite low – in many cases, well below $1 and, in some cases, even below 1 cent. It opens investment opportunities for almost everyone.

Industry experts believe that the current bear market will likely result in the weeding out of the “bad actors” – developers who have been more concerned with building their assets than their developments, as reported by CNBC. It’s ideal to buy those metaverse coins that have shown potential through performance, utility, or strong financial backing. Here are some promising Metaverse cryptocurrency coins for 2022.

MANA – Decentraland

In the Metaverse game Decentraland, MANA is the in-game currency. A business and real estate simulator, Decentraland challenges players to invest in and construct businesses.

What makes Decentraland special is that it uses NFTs to facilitate the ownership of digital assets in the game. LAND in Decentraland represents virtual real estate. Collectibles, such as accessories and clothing for your avatar in the game, represent virtual items.

Decentraland has a thriving economy in the world; here, users can make all transactions with the in-game currency MANA. They can also use this metaverse coin to purchase LAND and other collectibles in the game.

And thanks to the popularity of Decentraland, it is even possible to buy MANA on crypto exchanges. With a market cap of over $5,000,000, MANA takes the top spot as the metaverse token with the highest market cap.

SAND – The Sandbox 

The Sandbox is an open-world game that allows players to create unique digital assets (NFTs) to monetize their gaming experience. Various NFTs are available, ranging from customized games to real estate, character models, and various accessories.

This project is backed by the Ethereum blockchain and uses SAND tokens as its primary medium of exchange. In addition to purchasing in-game items, players can also use SAND Tokens to earn passive income. The current market capitalization of SAND tokens is $4,337,414,188.

XETA – XANA Metaverse

XANA is a blockchain-based metaverse where users can socialize, interact, and live life to the fullest. The community runs on the Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon blockchain and uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent users. Each asset in the game is unique and has its values and capabilities. The XANA team is also working to integrate game elements into the platform to make it more interesting and fun for users.

The XETA token is the native currency of the XANA ecosystem. Using this token, users can buy, sell or trade digital assets on the marketplace. It is also used for wagers and rewards from the XANA betting pool. The XANA team consists of experienced game developers, designers, and marketers. 

ENJ – 

Enjin is a technology company that develops software solutions based on the Ethereum blockchain. This approach allows Enjin to connect all its gaming ecosystems using a single cryptocurrency, ENJ. Enjin Coin or ENJ tokens is one of the top metaverse coins used in all of Enjin’s NFT-powered games. 

With a market cap of nearly $2 billion and a huge gaming community, there is plenty of room for ENJ tokens to continue to rise in the coming days.

Render Token (RNDR)

Another aspect of the Metaverse is the companies that enable the creation of these 3D and augmented reality renderings. This is where Render comes in. Its decentralized infrastructure uses otherwise unused computer processing power to render digital content.

That means digital content creators don’t have to spend as much money on expensive computer equipment, and network participants can earn rewards. The system is scalable, environmentally friendly, and inexpensively allows people to create 3D content.


Since 2017, the booming cryptocurrency industry has introduced a wave of new cryptocurrencies. Originally, meme coins were only used for entertainment, but cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have shown that they can be used as legitimate investment tools.