How to Install Quickbooks without CD?

How to Install Quickbooks without CD

Intuit’s accounting software, QuickBooks, is designed for small- and medium-sized businesses. QuickBooks software is extremely popular among entrepreneurs. It is easy to use and can be tailored to fit the needs of different types of businesses.

This post will explain the steps required to reinstall QuickBooks on a Desktop without using a CD. Just a few simple steps and your QuickBooks will be back up in no time.

Reinstalling QuickBooks is a good idea.

Reinstalling QuickBooks can be done for many reasons. These are some of the reasons you might need to reinstall QuickBooks.

  • You replace your old QuickBooks computer with a new one
  • Replaced with another one, if your hard drive was damaged.
  • QuickBooks will not start on your computer any more
  • The installation of QuickBooks on your computer was corrupted by malware or infection.

These are the main requirements.

Reinstall Quickbooks

Steps to Reinstall QuickBooks on Desktop Without Using a CD

Solution 1: Download QuickBooks from the Internet

  • Visit the QuickBooks Intuit website to find the link to the correct version of QuickBooks currently being maintained on the system.
  • If the installed software version is QuickBooks Premier 2017, it is recommended that the client download QuickBooks Premier 2017. Save the software installation to your hard drive.
  • Double-tap on the document to open Quickbooks Database Manager.
  • The cycle will automatically start.
  • Follow the instructions on your screen to complete the installation process.
  • To complete the installation of the software, enter the item number and permit number.
  • you will need to register it again if you want to install another computer. Follow the below steps to register for QuickBooks.
    • First, click Register Quickbooks, then click help.
    • Enter your business information.
    • QuickBooks will recognize your data and will complete the registration process for you.

Solution 2: Share a CD drive with a networked computer

  • Share the CD drive on a networked computer with a CD drive.
    • Go to My Computer.
    • Right-click the CD drive to select Sharing and Security
    • Now, click the “radio button” that “Share this folder”.
    • Click on Apply.
    • Click OK.
  • Collect the Computer Name from the computer that was used to create the CD.
    • Right-click on My Computer
    • Click on the Computer Name tab
    • Notate Full Computer Name
  • Start>Run from a computer that does not have a CD drive.
  • Enter “\[Computer Name gathered in Step 2] (without the quotes).
  • Click OK.
  • Double-click the drive letter to access the CD drive.
  • Double-click Setup.exe.

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1. What are the requirements to install QuickBooks without a CD?

1. You must have an internet connection to download the installation via the internet
2. If you use a USB flash drive to install QuickBooks, the USB port works, and transfers are fast.
3. The network drive is connected to your network where you are installing QuickBooks
4. You must have the product key

2. How to find a lost Quickbooks product & license number

Find the license key and product numbers for QuickBooks

There are several places you can search for the numbers depending on whether or not you registered the software with Intuit. If you don’t have proof of purchase, Intuit customer service can assist you.

  1. Take a look at the QuickBooks
  2. Packaging with the product number and license. You purchased QuickBooks
  3. Online, the product and license numbers can be found in the confirmation email that you received after purchasing the software.
  4. Insert the installation disc into a computer
  5. This is QuickBooks
  6. installed. Select “Reinstall QuickBooks.” Note down the numbers in “License and Product Number.”
  7. Navigate to Intuit QuickBooks
  8. Enter your Intuit username/password on the License Lookup Webpage. Intuit can help you at 800-316-1068 if the website fails to locate your information or if your software has not been registered with Intuit. To receive a product number and a license, you will need to show proof of purchase.
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