Is physical therapy considered an active treatment?

physiotherapy at home in Dubai

Physiotherapy is considered as an active treatment, but sometimes for better results it takes time to get back to the daily routine. If a patient in Dubai experiences pain in their legs, neck, spine, muscles, joints, tendons, or other body parts, they should contact and receive treatment from a physiotherapist. Additionally, they assist patients who have problems with joint mobility, muscular stretch, tension, or weakness. Professional physiotherapists also deal with a variety of ailments and injuries.

Through treatment, physiotherapy helps patients recover from physical issues brought on by disease, injury, handicap, or old age. Your expert physiotherapist will have a variety of duties involving organizing sessions, assessing your recovery, and leading therapeutic activities.

The physiotherapy at home in Dubai service is helpful for patients who are  

  • Physically disabled adults or children 
  • Women before and after giving birth 
  • Athletes and Hospitalized patients  
  • Patients who are attending clinics 
  • People within the community facing difficulties after surgery or injury 

What do physiotherapists do in physiotherapy, and how it helps? 

The physiotherapists have many responsibilities in many settings like 

  • To help patients in recovery from any accident, disease, or injury 
  • Arrange therapeutic exercise sessions 
  • Provide massages 
  • Offer techniques such as electrotherapy and ultrasound 
  • Collect statistics 
  • Draft reports 
  • Keep working with professional doctors and nurses 
  • Provide educational information and advice 
  • Different exercises and movements evaluation 
  • Use the latest advancements in the profession of physiotherapy 
  • Alternatively, physiotherapists can specialize or move into teaching, research, and managerial positions. 
  • Make reports about patients’ physical conditions. 
  • Formulate new techniques and treatments for better requirements and the needs of patients. 
  • Conduct complex mobilization through practical methods. 
  • Assist patients with trauma history and help them how to walk again. 
  • Educate patients’ family members and the community  
  • Teach the techniques to prevent injuries and ways to live a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Plan and organize physiotherapy and fitness programs 

Physiotherapy at home in Dubai 

Physiotherapy at home in Dubai services involve many sessions and steps. After scheduling an appointment with the physiotherapist, they will conduct a detailed initial assessment and your case history on the first day. In most cases, the physiotherapist will conduct rehabilitation sessions that range from 45 minutes to an hour based on the patient’s condition and treatment. 

There are many benefits of getting physiotherapy at home in Dubai. Physiotherapists have to work with patients to assess, diagnose, and formulate a customized plan for each patient, depending on their condition. Call Doctor’s at-home physiotherapy services in Dubai offers the following treatments: 

  • Orthopedic  
  • Sports injuries 
  • Back, shoulder, and neck pain 
  • Joint and muscles pain 
  • Post-surgery and injury recovery 
  • Elderly and specialty care 

At-home physiotherapy services are the best option for cardiac conditions and neurological issues. Furthermore, you can get the services from the comfort of your home, hotel, and office. Call Doctor offers professional physiotherapy services at home. Moreover, you can get teleconsultation and telemedicine services. 

Physiotherapy in Dubai

Physiotherapy in Dubai is provided by skilled and educated physiotherapists in proper rehabilitation methods. They know surgical procedures and treatment goals and work closely with your referring physician. Professional physiotherapists blend their knowledge and rehabilitation while—providing the ultimate customized care. Moreover, they will look at your movement patterns, habits, and limitations; evaluate your healing rate, and design a program to help you return to daily activities. 

Physical therapists at Call Doctor have licensed health and physio professionals with specific training and will assess your condition before devising an individualized treatment plan detailed to your diagnosis. Contact Call Doctor by calling 800 200 400 or visiting their website.