Is Teeth Composite Bonding Worth Trying Out?

teeth Composite bonding

What is tooth composite bonding? 

Teeth composite bonding is a contemporary and affordable dental treatment used to restore and regenerate broken, deformed, or discolored teeth. It is a painless way to reclaim your confident smile.

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Let’s look at the detailed overview of how Teeth composite bonding works. Composite bonding uses a thin coating of coloured composites designed to match your tooth colour for a seamless finish. This allows your dentist to improve the look of your teeth without the need for drilling. Hence, except for filling a cavity, the whole process is straightforward and typically finished in a single visit without anaesthesia.

Teeth Composite Bonding can help solve dental issues

Closes Gaps

  • The gap-toothed look is quite popular among both men and women. If you’re unhappy with the space between your teeth, bonding them together can help you get a gorgeous, complete smile.


  • Everyone has a unique set of teeth, and those who have discolouration or a greyish tint to their teeth may not always benefit from whitening procedures. Bonding might be the best option if you’ve previously tried teeth whitening and it wasn’t successful.

Marks on Teeth

  • Naturally, a whitening method might be adequate for most of your teeth, but it does not affect those marks that won’t disappear. In that situation, bonding can help.

Cracked Teeth

  • Most people cannot pull out the chipped tooth so quickly, and most importantly, you can save it with the help of bonding. Dentists in St Helens use composite bonding to help resolve a tooth recently chipped due to an accident.

Uneven Size & Shape

  • Some people are uncomfortable with their teeth’s size or shape. Hence, with the use of composite tooth bonding, they can get aligned and shaped teeth.

Unfortunately, NHS dentists at St Helen’s cannot provide bonding to correct your teeth. However, this treatment is available by a private dentist in St Helens at affordable rates.

What is the method of composite bonding?

  • Your dentist will first review your needs to ensure whether they are treating a chipped tooth, spaces between teeth, discolouration, or any other oral issues.
  • The composite bonding colour will be matched to your teeth’s natural shade to guarantee a seamless transition.
  • Your dentist will direct any necessary anaesthesia at this point if it is required. After that, the tooth surface will be carefully cleaned before the composite bonding is applied.
  • A specific light source known as a curling light is then used to solidify the plaster resin after it has been poured and moulded. The composite is then hardened and set correctly.
  • The average time needed to treat one tooth is between 30 minutes to an hour.

What is the duration of Composite Bonding?

If the teeth composite bonding is not taken care of properly, they might be more vulnerable to damage. As a result, maintaining appropriate oral hygiene is essential to extending the life of your composite bonding.

The bonded teeth should survive for five to six years with regular maintenance before they need any form of repairing or polishing.

Does Composite Bonding stay lifelong?

Composite bonding is durable but not completely permanent. The composite bonding method and its materials are not as powerful or long-lasting as your natural tooth porcelain, so the composite will deteriorate and stain with time.

What dental care is needed for Composite Bonding?

  • Maintain good dental hygiene by brushing twice daily, flossing, and using mouthwash.
  • Avoid activities that can wear down your teeth, like biting on ice, pens, hard sweets, or other hard foods or items.
  • Schedule frequent tooth cleanings at the nearest St. Helen’s Gum Clinic (approximately every six months).
  • You may see discolouration if you smoke or consume a lot of coffee.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Composite Bonding 


  • It is affordable in comparison to other invasive techniques
  • A small part of the original tooth is removed compared to alternative treatments.
  • Get it done by the best St. Helens dentist, as they will complete the procedure in only one appointment.



  • The composite’s lifespan may be shorter than that of competing options.
  • The area that has been treated may be more vulnerable to breakage.
  • Compared to other alternatives, the substances are less stain-resistant.

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