Jogos NFT

O jogo NFT (Non-fungible tokens) e um tipo de videogame muito popular no mercado. Com o NFT, voce pode ganhar dinheiro baseado nas cartas colecionaveis.

Os NFT sao tokens nao-fungiveis, que se regiram na blockchain. Você possivel comprar e vender nao-fungiveis para conquistar terra dentro do jogo voce esta jogando.

Crazy Defense Heroes

Crazy Defense Heroes is a strategy tower defense mobile game that is part of the popular Crazy Kings franchise. It’s a free-to-play title that has amassed over 2 million downloads.

While many mobile tower defense games use tokens for governance (Axie Infinity Shards or AXS) and purely game rewards (Smooth Love Potion or SLP), Crazy Defense Heroes incorporates both into one token: TOWER. TOWER is a native utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain that can be used to purchase NFT assets within the game and participate in its governance.

TOWER is also used for event entry and certain gameplay modes, such as tournaments. However, it’s important to note that TOWER tokens can only be used in the upcoming blockchain version of CDH, which is currently under development.

While there are a few different ways to earn TOWER tokens, the most popular is by playing the game. In addition, players can purchase NFTs on the secondary market if they are interested in doing so. Additionally, TOWER tokens can be earned by completing monthly cumulative events in the game.


O jogo nft estao baseados no Blockchain e tem uma tecnologia criptografica que impulsionam os ativos no jogo. Os jogadores seus NFTs podem ganhar dinheiro para desbloquear cartas e comprar os objetivos do jogo com um token criptografico.

A mercado de jogos NFT ainda tem muito espaco e pode ter ainda sucesso no futuro. Por isso, voce pode investir um pouco mais da tempo ao ganhar dinheiro no jogo.

Gods Unchained é um jogo de retribuir aos jogadores do metaverso, permitindo que eles tenham controle total sobre seus NFTs e ativos do jogo. O jogo apresenta um modelo play-to-earn, recompensa os jogadores por assim queira ganhar dos NFTs que voce vendes no mercado.

O jogo apresenta três niveis de cartas NFT: Comum, Rara e Epica. Os jogadores vai convertir seu flux nao valiosa e vende-las no mercado por tokens GODS (Tokens ERC-20)).

Crypto Planes

If you’re looking for a fun way to play jogos NFT, you should check out Crypto Planes. This game combines the play-to-earn model with the blockchain, allowing jogadores to earn tokens that can be traded for real cash or other NFTs.

There are several jogos NFT that allow you to earn money from your play. One of the most popular is Light Nite, a battle royale that lets you earn tokens and other rewards by fighting other players.

Another jogo NFT is Bomb Cryto, on which you can collect NFTs and enlist the help of heroes to fight monsters. If you’re not keen on playing a battle royale, there are also games like Axie Infinity and Light Night that let you earn NFTs in more conventional ways.

If you’re not sure what kind of jogo NFT to invest in, you should try out some of these games first. These are the newest, most exciting NFT jogos and they’re sure to give you a great time!

Forest Knight

If you want to play a game that allows you to earn both NFTs and Tokens without having to invest any real money, Forest Knight is the perfect choice. This free-to-play jogo is available on both PC and Android, and features multiple levels for you to battle through in your quest to become a master of the land.

NFT games are a type of crypto game where gameplay itself is based on some player-owned assets called NFTs, which can take the form of characters, weapons, real estate or anything else you can think of. In Forest Knight, these NFTs can be used to upgrade your knights’ equipment or hire new heroes along the way.

NFTs are a great way to unlock different content in a game, and can help you build up your castle to become a strong contender against other players. In addition, NFTs can also be used to fund the development of new content and features, allowing you to enjoy a better gaming experience.

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