Log File Analysis Tools for SEO

log file analysis for seo

This article follows the question why analyze logs?, which listed the different questions that could push you to SEO log files analyis. Unfortunately, this type of file is huge and not formatted; in short, it is very indigestible. Analyzing the logs manually is tedious and time-consuming, which is why there are tools for that.

Some of the tools listed below are more log management services, but they also offer ways to analyze them more quickly than if you were looking at raw data. They are among the most popular.

These tools are presented in no particular order, and the list includes free and paid tools. Let’s go!


Loggly is a cloud-based log management and analysis service founded in 2009. Their main goal is to simplify log management and free developers and engineers from having to worry about log management. Logs.

Its customers include EA, Autodesk, SendGrid, Sony Pictures, and Citrix.

Pricing: Loggly has both free and paid plans.


Logentries is also cloud-based log management and operations support service founded in 2010. With the support of a strong community, Logentries tries to take the complexity out of managing applications and systems. Today’s distributed environments provide valuable log data insights to your team and business.

Clients include Discovery Channel and Macy’s.

The price: Logentries offers 2 free or paid versions of its solution.


logz.io gives you a real-time and actionable overview of your logs, thanks to the ELK service. ELK is a simple yet robust log analysis platform.

Its clients include Netflix, Facebook, LinkedIn, Cisco, and Microsoft. logz.io is probably one of Splunk’s main competitors, which we will discuss later.

The price: It also has a free and paid version.


This is the first software on this list that is completely free, and for a good reason: it is open source and available on GitHub with more than 2,900 stars and more than 200 forks.

GoAccess is designed to be a fast, terminal-based log analyzer. It is a tool for those who like to use terminals and want quick access to their data. This tool can easily generate reports on the fly by generating them in real-time in HTML, JSON, or CSV.

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The price: 100% free!


Splunk is a big name in the log and app management space. It has been around since 2003 and is not a newcomer to data analytics and monitoring.

Splunk provides a great way to collect, store, index, search, correlate, visualize, analyze, and report machine-generated data to identify and resolve operational and security issues faster, repeatable, and affordable. They offer powerful analytical tools that allow you to go back in time through ad hoc queries easily. Their dashboard and trend charts are also a great way to spot and visualize possible trends.

Price: Splunk offers both free and paid plans. The free plan, Spunk light, lets you save up to 500MB of data per day. Pricing for paid plans depends on the volume of data you process.

Screaming Frog Analysis

Desktop log analysis software, Screaming Frog Analysis, is easy to install and requires no unique settings to use once installed.

Price: Screaming Frog Analysis has a free version that can crawl up to 1000 lines. The paid version will be reserved for more important sites, starting at £99/year/user.

To finish

The last thing you want is to spend hours digging through endless, unorganized log files to find what you need. Many log analysis tools help you better understand your data and analyze it more effectively.