Make Your Website More READABLE 


As per research and market data, there are more Smartphone-first or mobile-first users than desktop users these days.

If you notice, then you will know that not everybody in the world has a desktop system or a laptop to access the desktop versions of the websites.

But nearly all of them have a Smartphone.

It is, therefore, an evident thing that people will choose their Smartphones to access the Internet.

Besides, it is easier with a Smartphone to do that.

So, when you are making a website for your brand, which will be something you’ll obviously do, then you are going to make it even more beneficial with the readability standards.

We can now discuss this.

What Readability Means for Your Mobile Website

A lot!

When reading all the loan terms of a small business loans bad credit direct lender score, you can make a decision quickly if you have no such issues in reading the website and learning more about loans.

If your eyes are not strained and you find the text to be soothing, you rather enjoy the website even on a device that is slightly larger than a deck of playing cards.

So, we need good readability in the websites we are making

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In order to do that effectively, we can take the help of the following steps:

Ensure the Right Font Style

What you need to do is that you need t to choose a font from the wide range of fonts that are used.

In these cases, we are going to go back to the days when we are first introduced to Microsoft Word.

When we learned it, we understood that the fonts that come with Sans does a better job of helping us learn or read the content in a better way.

Although Times New Roman and Calibri are ew o the most commonly used fonts, Sans fonts are used by websites these days mostly to help you read faster.

Customers either consciously or subconsciously like that.

Use it.

  • Colours

They say that colours are great for the eyes.

They are also great for websites and then the eyes.

When you are making a good website and you are sharing a whole lot of content in the website, it is natural that you would like to make customers spend some time on that site.

And that’s good for viewer engagement.

You can add colours to the fonts and texts but make sure you are doing so in the right ways.

Deep colours are attractive but are not suitable for the eyes.

You might want to tone down the colours a bit and use lighter shades such as green; blue or purple.

Lighter colours help the eyes to expand and relax.  Hence, the customers also find it soothing to view the website content and keep on reading the text.

  • Being More Specific?

Of course!

You ask a friend how the person is you were given an answer that you’ll be texted the reply.

That is what this age is all about.

You cannot make things specific, it’s your fault. People are too busy these days to even read a single sentence fully if it is too long in a paragraph of your website content.

To do that, try using bullet points. It does not necessarily mean that the points you are using have to be very specific. But, the presence of these points makes sense as readers are going to develop an interest in reading the content (even if they slightly appear longer).

Ad this results in good readability for your website.

  • Get Some Aid

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Well, many lenders have reported that borrowers take loans from them for this purpose and use  them in smart ways

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So, take a part of that money and use it to buy or purchase a spelling and grammar checker app like Grammarly.

These apps also have something called the readability score, in which they are going to analyse the writing by grammar and tone and will tell you how easily readable is your website content.

To Conclude

Just make sure people can read your website and that they are not tired of it.

Run tests as many times as you can. Take the feedback of both human readers and Google.

By doing all this, you can surely make that website readable.