Modern kitchen Cabinet ideas We Are Obsessed With

Modern kitchen cabinet ideas we are obsessed with

Looking for new kitchen cabinets? Or just recently built your kitchen and now want to add modern cabinets? Or want to renovate your kitchen? Then you must read this blog! Whether you like traditional or modern, we have plenty of ideas for you. Exchange your boring kitchen cabinets with these new ones for a touch of exclusivity! Also to create more spaces for four newly bought items. Keep reading our blog to know more! 

Sky-high cabinets 

If you want to expand the space in your storage then you can install cupboards all over the kitchen with the design! Sky-high cabinets are best for this. Over the fridge or beside your dining table whatever you want. Also, add step tools there. This is a perfect modern kitchen idea!

Metal grate cabinets 

Traditional glass cabinets are good but how about metal grate kitchen cabinets? Medium type of cabinets with closed and open storage. With a metal grate kitchen cabinet, you can pack your things up there in any way! You don’t have to worry about lining all those things in a pretty way as you can only get a peek inside. In glass cabinets, everything is open so if there is any messiness everyone will know.

Double duty cabinets

Do you have an old ugly dishwasher? And you want to hide it? Add a cabinet front so it doesn’t separate the line of cabinetry under the counter. You can hide a dishwasher in a double-duty cabinet. Paint your double-duty kitchens cabinets in pastel pink or pastel blue colour. They will look gorgeous.

Lower cabinets 

The upper kitchen cabinets are very exquisite. These prevent visual clutter on the wall space. We can focus on the hood only. A lower kitchen cabinet can expand enough storage for your things also at the same time grounding the kitchen. You can decorate it with any print or colour like full white or floral prints.

White oak cabinetry

If you are after full white sophisticated kitchen cabinetry then white oak is the best one. It can give a larger look. The light and smart layouts play the game here. The colour white will create an illusion for the size. This is one of the best contemporary kitchen cabinets available along with dark polished kitchen cabinets.

Dark stained cabinets

Dark stained kitchen cabinets will go out of style. One day every kitchen cabinet will get dirty but in case of dark stains, it won’t happen. You can hide the dust that gathers on the surface. One of the best reasons to choose dark-coloured kitchen cabinets. The dark skin of the kitchen cabinet will give it a gorgeous look. You can space and colour in one step. Buy dark-stained cabinets if you want to give your kitchen an exquisite look.


In this blog, we have discussed some top kitchen cabinet ideas with you guys. There are many more kitchen cabinet ideas but we found these are best for your kitchen. Get yourself the best Cabinets california! Nowadays only space won’t attract your visitors. These will give you space along with style and class.