Most Stunning Picturesque Places To Visit In Kobe 

Places To Visit In Kobe 

The city of Kobe, which is located in Osaka Bay, was severely damaged by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck the region in 1995. One and a half million people call Hyogo Prefectural Government’s rebuilt capital home, and it is a popular tourist destination in the well-known Kansai region each year.

Kobe, the archipelago’s sixth city, warrants a lengthier stay even though it can be reached in a day from Osaka. Kobe is a popular tourist destination because of its thriving culinary scene, stunning natural surroundings, and world-famous port. As a consequence, visitors to the city will find much to interest them. Regardless matter whether you like urban or rural surroundings, Kobe is a must-see while in Japan. So, if you’ve never wondered about visiting there. Without any doubt, start planning, visit all nippon airways website and get your flight tickets online. Also, save up to 45% off on one-way & round trips on every flight. The time has come for you to put on your kimono. Listed below are the top things to see and do in Kobe.

In the skyscraper of the city of Kobe

Visit the Kobe Tower’s observation deck at Meriken Park for a bird’s eye view of the neighborhood. This is without a doubt one of the most remarkable discoveries ever made in Kobe.

Largest Buddha in Japan: Hyogo

Despite its lack of majesty in comparison to the Buddhas of Nara and Kamakura, the Great Buddha of Hyogo, also known as Nofuku-ji in Japanese, is nonetheless a must-see site in Kobe.

The Hyogo district is home to this Tendai Buddhist temple. Daibutsu is the name given to this temple since it is home to one of the country’s largest Buddhas. The lovely gardens around the temple are a wonderful place to end your visit.

The Ikuta Shrine

Kobe’s Ikuta Temple, Japan’s oldest Shinto shrine, can be situated right in the middle of the city. It has been around for more than a century and a half. Although it seems to be a little event, it has had a significant impact on the country’s past.

The Empress Jingu is said to have commissioned its construction in the year 201. A monarch appointed forty households to watch after the temple known as the Kande some centuries later. Words linked to this phrase that is kanji (Japanese characters) spoken like Kobe are called “kanji.” The city’s name derives from here.

The Nankinmachi may be found here.

Located at Nankinmachi, Nankinmachi is Kansai’s major Chinatown. One of Japan’s largest concentrations of Chinese residents congregates here. If you’re in a hurry and need to get some shopping and food done, this is the place to go.

Mount Roko

It’s a must-do for tourists to Kobe if they have the chance to climb Mount Rokko. The highest peak of this mountain, which is situated northeast of Kobe, is 931 meters above sea level. It’s possible to obtain a bird’s eye perspective of Osaka and its harbor from this vantage point.

The Falls of Nunobiki

For the residents of this region, the Nunobiki Falls is a sacred site, and they may be found at a short distance from the city center. Be aware that these waterfalls have a prominent place in Japanese art and literature, and that many Japanese writers have used them as inspiration for their stories.

Garden of the Herbs of Kobe

You’ll discover Japan’s most major aromatic garden on the outskirts of Kobe, near the Nunobiki waterfalls. The park’s 14 botanical gardens are home to 75,000 varieties of plants and flowers, releasing a thousand distinct scents into the air each day. You’ll also be able to see the city’s beautiful harbor from this location.

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Bridge of Akashi-Kaikyo

Take a stroll over one of the world’s longest suspension bridges and take in the breathtaking view.. At a length of 3911 meters, the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge connects the Maiko region to Awaji Island. At night, when the lights take on a new dimension, do not be frightened to visit.

Brewery Street for Sake

One of the must-do activities for tourists to Kobe is to sample the local sake. Breweries have been concentrated on Sakagura-no-michi Street in Japan since the 18th century (the street of sake breweries, in Japanese). A number of sake museums will be on your itinerary, and you will be able to taste some of their offerings. Everything has a silver lining if you retain your viewpoint!

Try some of the local delicacies while you’re there.

As a result of its marbling, which makes the flesh tender and juicy while also adding to its savory reputation, eating this beef in a restaurant will set you back a pretty penny.

Rather than paying full price for fried rice and fried noodles, you may save money by ordering sobameshi in Kobe. If you want to eat in Kobe, do so.

Last Words

Feeling excited? You must be left awestruck after reading this definitely. If yes, Plan a trip to Japan with AirlinesMap and have the best vacation. This beautiful place is located in the beautiful city of Osaka..!

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