Precautionary Measures to Follow to Prevent Rat Infestation

Rat Infestation
Rat Infestation

The spring blooming season is just around the corner, and you notice chewed cables, holes in your cabinets, droppings of food, and defecation. Chances are your house is invaded by pesky little rodents. Rat infestation is a common but serious problem. They are a threat to the sanitary conditions of your house as well as its structure and appeal. Therefore, it’s best to consult the best rat control Richmond BC services so that the situation can be handled in a very professional manner.

While there are some DIY methods to take care of them as well, they aren’t exactly very effective.

Dangers of Rat Infestation

However cute and squeamish rats appear to be, the consequences of their presence are detrimental. Rats and mice are known to be able to carry up to 35 diseases, some even fatal. Rats can transmit these diseases through their hair, bites, and saliva and can cause severe allergic reactions triggered by their droppings.

Rats also gnaw on electrical and telephone wires, sometimes causing fires. They also chew through wood and dig out tunnels in cabinets, windows, and furniture causing significant structural damage to your property.

Signs Your House May be Infested.

There are multiple signs rodents may have infested your house. Rat droppings around an area can signify a potential rat nest. Moreover, gnaw marks on woodwork, chewed cables, holes, and footprints imply the presence of rats around your property.

Take Preventive Measures 

The most effective way to get rats and mice out of your house is to prevent an infestation in the first place. As winters die, you should take precautionary measures to fend off the trespassing of unwanted visitors.

Seal Up

Rats won’t be able to enter your home if they have no way to do so. You should inspect the house to ensure there aren’t any cracks, holes, or cavities in the floorboard, wooden frames, and walls. It is best to appropriately repair such gaps to ensure no pesky rodents will squeeze inside.

Store Food Properly

If you don’t clean up properly after meals and crumbs and leftovers are lying around, you are just waiting for an infestation. It is crucial to clean up any food or leftovers left in the open, let it be small bits or uncovered plates and dishes. You should plastic wrap or put it in the refrigerator to prevent an unwelcome visit and protect you from often fatal contamination.

Clean Up the Clutter

Rats look for safe, closed, warm, and moist spots to settle in and reproduce. Rats always look for shelter; yard waste, garbage, and cluttered storage rooms are ideal spots for rodents to settle in. You should clean up any garbage or overgrown greenery and organize your storage to prevent rats from forming a nest.

Set Traps

You should set rat traps around areas where you suspect a passage or hiding spot for rats. You can also use rat poison to repel and kill rodents where you may have seen evidence of their presence.

Mint Up

Mint is an excellent plant for repelling mosquitoes, wasps, ants, and rodents. It would be best if you planted mints around your garden and bushes. Additionally, you can also use natural odor to keep rats away inside your house. Rub peppermint oil onto areas that may be an entry or passage point for rodents.

Address the Sources

If the rat infestation follows some construction, leakage, or overflow of drainage and dumpsters, the entire neighborhood may have similar troubles. It is best to contact respective authorities to deal with such issues. Moreover, if you notice an infestation beyond your control to deal with, it is ideal to contact the best pest exterminators.

Wrap Up

Rats pose a significant threat to your health and your property’s structural and systematic integrity. Your hygiene and well-being must prevent an infestation from happening in the first place. Cover up and safely store any leftovers and clean up after crumbs. 

You should seal any cracks and holes around the house, clean up clutter, and place traps to prevent rats from entering your property. In case of an unusual occurrence of rats, you should contact authorities and pest control services to deal with the issue.

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