Reasons behind Netgear Extender’s Poor Performance

Using a Netgear extender is going to enhance your internet experience. However, numerous reasons can easily hamper your overall experience. Therefore, it becomes necessary to get rid of the disturbing reasons. That is what you are going to learn about in this article. So, make sure you read this article till the very end.

Learning about the reasons further helps you resolve the issues that they cause. In short, you get a brief guide to negate the contributing reasons. Let’s get going without any further delay. Read on.

Reasons for Poor Netgear Extender Performance

Faulty Power Supply

One of the most common reasons behind an unstable Netgear extender connection is a faulty power supply. That can be applied to either a power outlet or a power cable. When it comes to a power outlet, the space could be loose for the pins.

Further, the internal circuit could be burned. When it comes to the cable, it might be corrupt. There could be cuts on the power cable. Therefore, the power supply might be inconsistent that fails to keep the extender turned on. Hence, the connection keeps disconnecting.

Corrupted Cable

As mentioned above, a power cable plays a crucial role in providing seamless electricity to the Netgear extender. Therefore, a cable that is corrupt or has cuts won’t serve you the best. Moreover, if it is worn out and the cable is all ruffled up, the current won’t sustain for much longer.

In some cases, using a faulty power cable can also lead to a sudden surge in the power supply. That leads to short circuits in the connected devices. Hence, it is another reason why the Netgear extender is not performing well.

Unstable Internet Connection

The internet connectivity is another reason why the Netgear extender is having issues in its performance. You must understand that the extender does not have an internet connection. Rather, it boosts or repeats the internet signals it receives.

If it doesn’t get the proper internet connectivity, the result will automatically suffer. In this case, the unstable connection between the Netgear router and extender can lead to numerous issues. Apart from that, the connection between the router and the modem also plays a crucial role.

Wrong Placement

One of the most controversial topics is extender placement. Thus, it is another reason for the Netgear extender’s inefficient performance. People are completely careless while placing their Netgear extender. They will just keep it anywhere and expect to have the peak performance.

However, the wrong placement hampers the WiFi extender’s signals. Hence, no matter how strong the device you have, you won’t get any better WiFi signals. It happens because of objects like fish tanks, mirrors, metal objects, thick walls, electrical appliances, and much more. It could even hamper your access to the IP address.

Slow Internet Connection

Have you checked with your internet service provider? Are you getting the promised internet speed? If you have run a speed test, you must do it now. Having a slower internet connection speed is one of the major reasons behind the extender’s poor performance.

Furthermore, if the connection is not stable from the backend, surely you will face problems. Hence, know whether the internet server is stable or not. With a slower connection, you might not be able to access mywifiext web address.

Busy WiFi Channels

No one looks at the technicalities of the Netgear extender. Sometimes, connecting multiple devices to the extender and using the same WiFi channel can be the reason. Nearly every WiFi repeater has dual bands.

So, consistently using a single band is going to hamper your extender’s performance. Thus, try changing the WiFi band when necessary.


All the points given above are enough to highlight some of the most common reasons why the Netgear extender is not performing well. So, you won’t get sufficient results even if you are connected to the Netgear_ext. Get rid of all these reasons to enjoy a blazing fast internet connection.