Some Best Ideas to Recycle Cardboard Boxes

Collection of cardboard boxes in homes grows exponentially, and a majority of people treat them as waste which is preferred to be disposed of. This surplus of cardboard boxes available in different sizes is thrown in the recycling bin; it is good but not as it can be if you reuse them productively to make great things out of it. Only a few people know that there are varieties of ways to utilize these cardboard boxes effectively and make them not to occupy a large space in your home. Cardboard is an extremely versatile material which can be transformed into a wide range of shapes just with little creativity and skills. Below are some of the best ideas you can use to recycle cardboard boxes:

Drawer Dividers

In every home or office, there is at least one drawer which contains everything shuffled and put together without proper organization. It creates a mess and makes it difficult to find the things in the hour of need. You can use cardboard boxes to make dividers to break up space for an easy storage of versatile items. You can adjust the size of the compartment as per your need and make it easy to store stuff like craft beads, screws, nails, bolts, stationary and other things etc.

Plants Pots

These custom cardboard boxes can be effectively utilized to make pots for plants. Small tetra boxes can be used for seedlings and larger boxes can be used for bigger plants. Cut the top of each box, put the potting soil and seeds into the smaller boxes and place many of them together in a large container. It will make watering them easy. For a more long life, place a thick plastic bag at the base covering the four sides and fill it with soil. Notice that it should be high enough to come up from the sides. It ensures no leakage. For further protection from rain or water spills, make the cardboard pot waterproof by tapping it to the bottom.

House for Pets

Cats are fond of napping on cardboard. For this purpose, put a cardboard piece in the middle and your cat will love to curl inside it. Make it more secure by making a proper cat house out of it and apply some non-toxic paint for an attractive and tidy look. Put padding inside. It can also serve as a great dog bed if it is not a chewer. You can also design cat scratching posts from it by cutting the cardboard in the shapes you want and sticking them together.

Weed Control

Cardboard boxes can be used in a garden to control weeds. To fix cardboard, scrap away few inches of soil from the respective area. Break the cardboard box so that it can lay flat. Hold a hose and a spray attachment. Your target is to soak the cardboard entirely in water to make it flatter and start the biodegrading process. As the cardboard is soaked, replace the dirt. Cardboard helps to crush the weed and keep them away. Moreover, cut the cardboard in small size to make kneeling pads, stack them together and cover with plastic if needed. You can a handy kneeling pad for your garden work. Its single layer is enough to act as a cushion between your knees and hard ground, double or triple up its layer for more comfort.

Floor Protectors

Use a small piece of cardboard for creating a floor protecting pad for your entire furniture. You can use it for bed, chair and sofa etc. by just placing the leg exact on the top of the cardboard piece. If you want a give it a more appropriate size, cut the edges with a craft knife. Another way is to glue the pieces to the legs of the chair. Cardboard will provide a good barrier between the floor and your furniture protecting it from getting ant scratch by movement.                                                      

Making Canvas and Wall Décor

Recycle the cardboard boxes to make beautiful wall decoration. You can make striking frames for the pictures by cutting a rectangle out of cardboard and covering it with some attractive wrapping paper, fabric or a twig. Place the pictures inside it and hang it on the walls. Make a collage out of it. You can also turn them into a canvas for your painted pictures. Moreover, you can make interesting patterns and shapes from it to form a wall art. Place them on walls and color them according to some color scheme. They are lightweight and cost nothing but serve as the best way to decorate your home.