Tarsar Marsar Trek is the ideal hike for novices



The Indian state located West of Nepal is considered the center of the massive Himalayas trek. The magnificent Gangotri Glacier, the Ganges River’s source, is in this state. It is considered to be a sacred place and a well-loved location for Hindu pilgrims. The state also has Nanda Devi, the second-tallest mountain in India at 25,643 feet. Uttarakhand offers an extensive selection of trekking routes.

The Kartal Trek

16110 feet is at its highest.

7 days to trek

Between May through June as well as between September and October, is perfect timing to plan your trip.

Moderate difficulty- For those who love mountains, This hike in Uttarakhand is a must as it affords stunning panoramas of mountains. Great Himalayan ranges, including the Join peak and the Bhirgupanth peak, and the Thalayasagar peak. The trek is situated within the Gangotri region of the Garhwal Himalayas. The high-altitude glacier lake is the most elusive gem in Uttarakhand. The trekkers on Kedartal Trek Kedartal Trek can view a diverse range of alpine animals amid the snow-covered peaks landscape such as those the Blue Sheep, Goral, and the famous Himalayan Black Bear.

Kodachadri Trek is one of the most beautiful trek of Bangalore, this is the thing you do with your friends over the weekend.

Hike to the Rupin Pass

15,250 feet is the highest elevation.

Eight days to trek

The best times to visit: are during the summer months from May through June, and during the post-monsoon month of September through October.

Moderate difficulty- Due to its spectacular waterfalls, dazzling views of the surrounding heights, and unique grasslands that are dotted with flowers, Rupin Pass will never be forgotten. For seven days, climbers have to climb over 10,000 feet to get to Rupin Pass, where they can access Himachal Pradesh from Uttarakhand. The journey begins in the tiny village of Dhaula. There are many charming towns along the way, such as Jaka and Jakha, which are excellent locations to stop and take breaks.

Go to Kedarkantha

The peak is 12,500 feet high.

Five days of trekking for the trek

The months of December to April are the best time for you to be there.

Simple difficulty level- Although it might seem difficult to cover more than 18 miles in only four days, and then climb to more than 6000 feet Kedarkantha’s breathtaking 360-degree views of a variety of famous mountain peaks make the trek worth it. If you begin from the city of Sankri and climb up to the Kedarkantha mountains in Uttarakhand it will feel like you’re reaching the sky.

Climb Bali Pass.

at least 16,250 feet above sea level

9 days of travel time to make the journey

The best times to visit: are during the summer months from May to June and in the post-monsoon seasons of September through October.

Difficulty Level: Difficult- It is recommended that the Bali Pass Trek is only recommended for experienced hikers due to its difficult terrain. Because of its proximity to the famous Govind Wildlife Sanctuary, this trail is likely to offer a diverse array of exotic plants and animals. Before reaching the mysterious lakes of Ruinsara Tal, you’ll be presented with breathtaking views of the Bandarpoonch, Kalanag, and Swargarohini Peaks. As you travel, you’ll pass the majestic river that flow through Tons as well as Siyan Gad among conifer woods.

The climb up Auden’s Col

18,020 feet is at its highest.

The duration of the expedition: 16 days

Best Seasons: Summer and Right After Monsoon (May and October)

Very difficult is the difficulty level Auden’s Col is among the toughest treks in Uttarakhand. In Gangotri, the trek begins. When you reach Nala Camp, cane and pine trees will be seen along the route. At Nala Camp, you can walk up to Rudra Gaira Base Camp which offers breathtaking views of snow-covered Himalayan mountains. This hike requires extremely strong fitness levels because it winds through innumerable glaciers, mountains danger some cliffs as well as snowy ridges.

Trek Har Ki Dun

11,500 feet is the height at which it is the highest.

Seven days of rest are required to complete the hike.

Best Times to Visit: From March through June in the Spring, and between September and December after the Monsoon.

Simple difficulty level- This is among the most straightforward walks within Garhwal, which is in the Himalayan zone of Garhwal.

When taking Har Ki Dun, the Har Ki Dun trek, trekkers will be able to take in the stunning Tons River valley, which is covered by mountains and thick forests. The season of spring just before the monsoon is great for birdwatchers. On the other hand, post-monsoon time is recommended for those who enjoy flowers. This track is ideal for those who enjoy the snow from December through April since there’s enough snow to cover it. This journey is spectacular and full of legends.

Trek to Satopanth Lake

The elevation at its highest is 14,600 feet.

8 days of travel time for the journey

The best months to be in are to be in June, September, and October.

Moderate difficulty- Satopanth Tal Satopanth Tal is a beautiful glacial lake. Its nearby Neelkanth, Satopanth (23,206 ft), Chaukhamba I, and Balakun foothills enhance its appeal. It is accessible by taking the Satopanth Lake Trek. The clear, crystal-clear reflection of these magnificent mountains is truly enchanting.

It is believed it was Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh were meditative on the three sides of Satopanth Lake. It is believed that there was a religious aspect of the journey towards Satopanth Lake. This hike on its own is essential for those who love both challenges and tranquil surroundings.