Tarsar Marsar Trek near Aru valley

tarsar marsar


Tarsar Marsar, a paradise in the middle of it all, is a place you will be captivated by its natural beauty. Kashmir is the only place where you will find heaven. You will want to live there forever because of its romantic beauty, adventure excursions and beautiful landscape. It has soft and light snow mixed with trees-filled mountains. Tarsar Marsar Trek is one of the most beautiful trekking routes in Kashmir. This trail is very appealing because of the presence three alpine lakes, Tarsar Marsar and Sundarsar.

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A summary of the trek

These are the basics to know before we can map you a plan for this stunning trek. The trek is divided into three parts: Aru to Lidderwat, Lidderwat and Shekwas. Finally, you will reach Tarsar with Shekwas. You will need to travel approximately 20-22km. The climb will reach 12500 feet and is not steep. There will be many beautiful rivers and enchanting flora, all surrounded by majestic mountains. This trek is often considered to be the best alternative to the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. It is one of the most sought-after treks in the paradise of earth. You will need to spend approximately 5-6 days to fully explore this trek.

Here’s a short itinerary to help plan your trek

Day 1: 

The journey will take you from Srinagar (the capital) to Aru (the base camp), which is located at an elevation of 8040 feet. This journey takes approximately 4-5 hours and covers 105 km. Enjoy a relaxing overnight at Aru once you have arrived.

Day 2: 

You will start your trek to Lidderwat at an elevation of 9025 feet. This distance would take you about 6 hours and cover 10 km. You won’t feel tired, though, because the forest of fir will be so beautiful and the meadows so stunning that you will not even feel it.

Day 3: 

Walk 6 km from Lidderwat, Shekwas in approximately 5-6 hours. This trail will take you up to 11160 feet through expansive grasslands and snow-fed mountain ranges creating misty valleys. Beautiful, right?

Day 4:

You will reach Tarsar lake, at an elevation of approximately 12470 feet. This can be reached by trekking for 5km. This is a place you will treasure for a lifetime.

Day 5:

Will take you to Sundarsar at 12960 feet. It takes approximately 5-6 hours to cover 6 km. You will enjoy a wonderful camping experience as the trail winds through valleys and streams.

Day 6: 

The last day of your trek before you return to Srinagar, where you can plan your return journey to your hometown. This is your last day to trek to Marsar Lake, the last of the three lakes. The trek takes approximately 9 km and takes 7 hours. The tranquility and beauty of the lake and its surrounding area will bring peace to your soul and mind at 13200 feet. You will remember every moment of this vacation with a smile and many happy memories.

How do you reach Tarsar Marsar?

Road: Although it might seem tiring to choose the road as your mode, you will surely enjoy the beautiful scenery along your journey. It’s best to travel to Srinagar from cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Chandigarh. This road is easily connected to all major cities in the country. You can take a taxi to Aru from Srinagar once you have reached Srinagar.

You can fly to Aru to embark on the Tarsar Marar trek. Srinagar is the closest airport to Aru. It is easily connected to major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

Rail: The nearest railway station to Srinagar, Jammu Tawi Railway Station, is where you can take a bus or cab to Aru.