Ten Factors That Affect Custom Cigar Boxes Longevity

Custom Cigar Boxes

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether custom cigar boxes will last a long time. Color, design, and size are just a few of these factors. Another important consideration is brand recognition. A well-designed cigarette box can help your brand stand out from the crowd. Listed below are ten other factors to consider when choosing a custom cigarette box.


Many collectors will pay an extra penny for beautiful custom cigar boxes with a unique color. However, color is not the only thing that affects cigar box longevity. A good box should be made from materials that withstand the wear and tear of time and the elements. In addition, a quality box will look and feel luxurious. In addition to this, a custom box will help you create brand ambassadors.

Before purchasing a custom cigar box, think about the materials and design. Most boxes made from solid cedar, though they are now more commonly made from cedar-veneered plywood. The lid is attached to the box using a nail or brooch clasp. Cigar boxes used to store and transport cigars. Typically, cigars are layered or tubed in boxes. They wrapped in cellophane or silver paper foil.

Color Combination

One of the most popular styles of cigar boxes is the flip-top lid. Some organizations opt to magnetize the flap for extra security or closure. Many cigar boxes made to look luxurious so that it shows off the premium product without detracting from its presentation. To add to the appearance of a custom cigar box, you can add inserts, such as die-cut foam or thermoformed trays. Foil stamping further dazzles the customer.

Finishing is another thing that affects the overall lifespan of a custom cigar box. A quality box will coated in a glossy or matte finish, and a good finish will keep the cigars fresh for a long time. While a gloss finish is great for some brands, a matte finish is more likely to wear out sooner. YBY Boxes offers plenty of options for customization, including ribbon pulls, lattice seals, and spot UV.


Considering that cigars considered a luxury product, the design of the custom cigar box is important. This type of packaging is usually used for cigars, but you must choose to add a health warning or your logo on the box. If you’re going to personalize your tobacco products for your customers, you need to ensure that they will packaged in a box that will last as long as possible. A custom cigar box is the epitome of presentation packaging.

A quality cigar box is made from eloquent stock that is resistant to humidity and extreme temperatures. Moreover, it will serve as a source of branding for your brand. In fact, it was reused after being used for a number of years. These are just some of the factors that affect the longevity of a custom cigar box. To determine whether or not a custom cigar box will last, take a look at its design and material.

Cigar boxes is traditionally made of cedar timber. The box is usually three layers thick with metal hinges and a brooch clasp to keep the lid in place. These boxes must designed for cigar production and are generally designed to hold 25 or more cigars. Cigars are usually wrapped in cellophane or silver paper foil. Modern cigar boxes feature curved sides and are considered special cabinets by the manufacturer, Habanos SA.


The size of the custom cigar box plays a vital role in the durability of the product. Cigars are a popular means of relaxation, especially in rural areas, and are often kept in a pocket or purse when out in public. The design of the packaging should make it easy to remove the cigar from the packaging, without affecting its durability. Retailers often favor cigar boxes that are easy to open, as smokers will be more likely to start smoking the product straight from the packaging.

Before 1885, the most common method was to pack a box of a hundred by 13 across from front to back. This was the most common method, and it is no wonder that more NW 100/13 boxes survived than any other type. These boxes are easier to store and stack, and printers will often design stock labels with the size in mind. However, this does not mean that they are the only way to pack cigars.

Regardless of the type of custom cigar box that you choose, make sure to consider its size. Smaller boxes are more likely to break, and they can be too bulky to fit the cigars you’re selling. Larger boxes will be easier to stack and transport.

Custom printed cigarette boxes longevity also depends on the type of wood used to make the container. Prior to 1860, cigar boxes were made of solid cedar, and have gradually changed to wood veneer. Today, they are made of plywood, and hinges are attached by a nail or a brooch clasp.

Brand recognition

Cigar packaging has an important role in the growth of the cigar industry. It requires a sophisticated design and brilliant branding in order to get the desired results. In addition to the design and print, cigar packaging is also an excellent advertising tool, as it is branded with a brand logo or company name. Choosing engaging fonts and images can also be helpful in building brand recognition.

To be successful, your cigar box should be durable and presentable. Tobacco products and cigars can affect the quality of your product. Therefore, you must pay considerable attention to the design of the box. A cigar box should be attractive and unique so that it can keep your products fresh. To get the attention of consumers, branding is essential.

While it may not be possible to keep the cigars fresh for a long time, a quality cigar box can help you retain your customers and build a brand reputation. Moreover, the packaging should be durable and protect the product during transportation. After all, a damaged box will not only affect your brand image but also the quality of your product.


Custom cigar boxes are made from eloquent stock to prevent humidity from deteriorating the contents. High-quality cigar boxes are sturdy enough to withstand humidity and extreme temperatures and are durable enough to serve as branding opportunities. Moreover, you can reuse them. Here are some tips to help your custom cigar boxes last a long time:

Humidity and temperature fluctuations will negatively affect the flavor and burning quality of your custom cigars boxes. Ideal humidity levels are 70%. But if you’re using a humidor, then you must pay attention to the humidity level. It’s best to get a humidor that maintains a consistent 70% humidity level.

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