The 6 Best Attendance Software for IT Business

Attendance Software

Attendance is a key metric for organizations to determine how good an employee is for the company. If the time an employee gives to the company isn’t measured, they can’t be paid on time or fairly. 

Additionally, this can also prove to be a problem when the organization needs to evaluate the performance of an employee or prepare a performance analysis. These analyses are crucial because many workers receive promotions on these bases, while others get a pay rise.

Attendance software differs in prices, interfaces, and the amount of information one can hold. If you’re wondering why a working environment needs an attendance management system, you should realize that every employee receives a timeline for handling every project. 

One can estimate the number of working hours with the aid of attendance management systems. 

This is particularly helpful if you pay your employees on an hourly basis. You must focus on determining the exact salary you must give your staff. Additionally, you should determine if any employees are owed overtime compensation.

The Best Attendance Software for IT Business

#1) Deputy

Deputy is a popular software, and many huge organizations have now started to use it. With updated features and cost-friendly packages, you can also get this one for your new startup! Whether you own a logo designing service business or a huge corporation waiting to split stock, Deputy can fulfill all levels of a business’s needs related to worker performance. 

It offers features like PIN code security that make marking attendance safe for managers. It is also one of the few attendance software that offers facial recognition, so workers may not cheat the manager.

#2) Quickbooks

The rates with QuickBooks are really affordable for businesses that are new startups. Not only the rates, but the features are also premium for a new business. You get PIN code security for not only the managing authority but for every employee’s recognition accounts. It eases managing the database of an employee and searching within the attendance software. 

#3) Zoom Shift

Zoomshift fulfills the purposes of a well-established organization that can’t afford fraud and cheating when it comes to worker performance. Whether you are changing shifts or scheduling special hours or overtime, this application is friendly to all types of companies.  

For small firms that experience seasonal highs and lows, including those in the agricultural, construction, and tourism sectors, ZoomShift is a fantastic scheduling and time-tracking tool. ZoomShift enables you to schedule months in advance as opposed to alternative software that only allows for daily or weekly calendars, ensuring that you have everything covered during high and low traffic times. 

Additionally, it puts your plan on hold in case you have to close at a busy time of year or for a season, and its per-active user pricing is advantageous.

#4) BuddyPunch

We like this software for its simplicity and straightforward usage. There are many old and new organizations and small businesses that appreciate the ease of use of this application. While most attendance software comes with a guidebook, and the company needs an expert to make the alterations, BuddyPunch is really beginner-friendly. 

#5) Time Trex

You receive a rule-based time and attendance system with TimeTrex that enables you to control when and where your employees can clock in and out. You’ll appreciate that it automatically records time entries so you can quickly process and run payroll if you don’t already use payroll software. 

The system will automatically calculate the real work hours, overtime, and related pay rates depending on the criteria and can be set up to only apply to certain employees (such as those who work exclusively in particular departments, jobs, or shifts). You can choose the type of time entries that can be taken using its time clock apps (for computers and iOS and Android smartphones), from PIN ID to QR code and face recognition clock-ins and outs.

#6) Homebase

Homebase is a time tracking and scheduling system that runs in the cloud and has time clock apps for a variety of gadgets, including POS systems. 

It contains automatic timesheets that, in addition to allowing you to enter cash and credit tips, can be used to figure out the overall number of hours worked and the various pay rates for each employee. 

Homebase is the perfect software for small enterprises, especially restaurants and retail establishments, thanks to these advantages. It boasts a user-friendly UI and lots of functions, according to many users. This software did not receive an A+ due to its restricted integration and clock-in choices.


These are the best-rated attendance software, which we definitely recommend to all types of businesses, specifically IT firms.