The Aura of Spiti Valley: Places to Visit



Spiti Valley is a wonderful destination for backpackers. It is located in the beautiful Himalayas at a higher elevation. Its name’spiti’, which means “the middle land”, refers to its location between India and Tibet. Spiti valley is home to many rivers that flow into the valley. It is remote so fewer people are living in spiti

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Visit these places

  1. Chandra taal lake
  2. Dhankar lake
  3. Hikkim lake
  4. Kaza
  5. Key Monastery
  6. Kunzum pass
  7. Losar
  8. Mud village
  9. Pin Valley National Park
  10. Tabo caves
  11. Lhalung monastery
  12. Kibber

Chandra taal lake

It is a tourist attraction despite its inhospitable and unfavorable environment. It is home to a wide variety of fauna and flora at high altitudes, making it a popular destination for high-altitude hikers.

Dhankar Lake

At 4140m high, dhankar can be found in Lahaul – spiti district. It is also famous for its monastery. The lake is stunning and will amaze your eyes. The landscape is rich in diversity, including ancient monasteries as well as temples.

Hikkim lake

Hikkim lake can be found in a village called hikkimat Lahaul and spiti. Known for its highest-ranking post office and most polling stations, hikkim is also well-known for monasteries such as a tangy monastery or korzok monastery.


It is also located in the spiti-harnaul district, which is elevated at 3650m. This beautiful area can be visited due to its historical sites, monasteries, and gompas. The peaceful town of Kaza can be explored easily from the Lahaul and Kinnaur valleys.

Key Monastery

This stunning place is located near the spiti River in spiti Valley. It is the largest monastery in spiti. This place is also a training center for Lamas. It will offer a spiritual experience.

Kunzum pass

It connects Lahaul valley with spiti Valley at 4551m. The beautiful kunzum pass, which is also famous for its kunzummata temple, is where visitors and travelers come to seek blessings. It is the ideal spot for adventure seekers to experience thrills at all turns.

Mud village

The spiti river’s left bank is home to the mud village, which is located at 3810m above sea level. This village, despite being in a cold area, is notable for its lush greenery. It’s also right next to the village pin river. It is also a base for trekking to Pin Parbati pass. The stunning views and generally pleasant weather make it a wonderful place for a trek.

Pin Valley National Park

The national park is located at a high altitude of approximately 3500m to 6600m and houses a wide variety of fauna and flora, including the rare Himalayan snow leopards. This park is also home to many exotic species such as Siberian ibex, red Foxx, weasel, and marten, which have lived here for longer periods.

Tabo caves

The tabo caves, located above the tabo monastery, are a winter retreat for many monks who live in the tabo monastery. Tabo caves should be visited as they have beautiful caverns and are well-maintained. It’s a stunning site that is mostly used for meditation.

Lhalung monastery

It is located in Lahaul, spiti region of Himachal Pradesh. This peaceful, refreshing spot is best visited between May and October. The monastery is also known by the name “the golden temple” because of its shrine with gold leaf deities. The shrine is exquisitely carved with


Kibber, also known as kyibar, is a charming little village surrounded by the Himalayas. It’s a popular tourist destination for trekking and mountaineering. It is also a stunning camping spot during the summer. Regular bus services are required to transport visitors from Kaza to kibble.

When is the best time to visit spiti Valley?

May to October is the best time to enjoy and breathe in the spiti Valley’s aura. Heavy snowfall makes it difficult to travel and the road to reach spiti valley from Manali is closed for nearly 6 months. It can be reached from Shimla. In summer, spiti Valley is accessible from both Shimla and Manali.