The Right way to Read your Electricity Bill

read electricity bill

Do you find that your high electricity bills come as a surprise to you? Are there times when you have wished someone would be able to help you understand your bill better? Understanding how you are billed for the electricity you consume is fundamental – whether you are a homeowner or a business owner. It has been widely understood and well-known that every one of us relies heavily on electricity. Although we would have required constant access to electricity in the past, the digital revolution has made us increasingly dependent on it for all our daily activities. 

The revolution has increased our electricity consumption by leaps and bounds. It is quite understandable that with so much usage, our electricity bills will not be reduced substantially in the near future. It is common for people to ask how their electricity bill is calculated when they make a current bill payment online for their electricity bill.

Important terms for calculating electricity bill

Type of supply & load connected

‘Connected Load’ refers to the amount of energy given to a meter. In this case, it is calculated in kW. Depending on the appliances connected to the meter, this is the permissible peak kW. It does not reflect your actual energy consumption and will only affect your electricity bill as a fixed charge. In addition to the connected load, it determines whether the connection will be a single-phase or three-phase connection. DISCOMs may impose an increase in fixed charges if the actual load is higher than the sanctioned load for that month.

Consumption unit

In a month, units consume are the number of kWh consume. One kWh is equivalent to keeping a 100-Watt bulb on for 10 hours. The information is obtain by comparing the meter readings for two consecutive months. It is the total amount of electricity consumed by all appliances connect to the meter during the month. If you want to reduce your TNEB online electricity bill, you need to lower this value to decrease the amount you pay per month. To determine the appliances with the highest electric consumption rate, you can use the consumption history of the appliances as an indicator.

Fixed Charges

There will always be a fix charge for all electricity you use, no matter how much you use

Electricity duty

It is a practice that some of the states in India allow electricity tax to be based on the amount of electricity you consume. Therefore, it will be necessary for you to pay more duty if you use more power. Therefore, to reduce the electricity duty on your TNEB online bill, you will need to reduce the electricity you consume monthly.

Tariff structure

Depending on your tariff structure, you can calculate how much you pay on your TNEB online electric bill. There are a variety of factors that contribute to that, including additional payments for extra units use, rates, as well as any regulations your electricity provider has impose on you.


Phases refer to the current or voltage between a wire and the neutral. You can choose between a single-phase or a three-phase connection. You might understand this better if you look at it from the load distribution standpoint. One significant difference is that a three-phase connection can handle heavy loads, whereas a single-phase connection cannot.

Tariff category

It is determine by the category in which your power line connect to the power grid is used domestically, agriculturally, commercially, or xbode industrially. After you are assigned to a category, you can decide on your company’s rate structure. You can manually calculate the TNEB online electric bill, but doing so can be cumbersome and time-consuming. It is also possible that you may be unable to figure out the exact values. Therefore, it is always safer and easier to check your TNEB online electricity bill amount by visiting the electricity board’s website.

Instantly calculate your electricity bill online

It is essential to point out that there is no specific formula to determine the amount of electricity. It is because the charges per unit may differ depending on the amount of consumption. Now that we know what an electricity unit is let’s calculate the electricity bill base on meter readings. Your electricity board’s official website offers an easy way to calculate your electricity bill. However , it is important to note that not all electricity boards offer the option of calculating your electricity bill online.


If you understand the elements of your electricity bill, in that case, it will help you understand your TNEB online electricity bill better and help you plan a reduction program for your electricity consumption. It is essential to focus on two factors: Units Consume and the Load Connect. You can reduce these two, and your electricity bill will surely go down along with the impact of taxes and fuel surcharges.

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