Rogue Class Spells and Abilities Compatible With the Thorn Whip 5e Spell

Thorn Whip 5e

If you’re a rogue, you might be wondering which class spells and abilities are compatible with the Thorn Whip. The basic information you need is in this article. In this article, you’ll learn about the cast time, range, damage, and effects of this spell. Whether it’s for PvP or D&D, you’ll get a clear understanding of the Thorn Whip.

Casting time

The Thorn Whip is a powerful melee spell. When used correctly, it can move enemies and allow you to take an attack of opportunity. While the Thorn Whip is powerful alone, it can also be used with allies to create narratives. If you are using it in a group, be sure to include the Sentinel feat to maximize its benefits. It can also be used to pull an enemy close and attack it when in range.

If you cast the Thorn Whip, the duration is instant. When you hit your target with the whip, you will be able to see it lash out towards them. You can also use this spell to move objects, depending on the DM’s preference. It does not strangle the target, but it can damage objects such as tankards of ale. While it may seem powerful, it isn’t very effective for strangling a creature.


The Thorn Whip is a vine-like whip encrusted with thorns. When used, this weapon lashes out at a creature within range, doing damage and possibly moving objects. A tankard of ale is not immune to this weapon, but it can still be deadly. To make this weapon more dangerous, a DM can use it to move a large object, such as a mountain.

As a ranged attack, Thorn Whip’s damage increases as you level. It has a range of thirty feet and deals damage instantaneously. The spell uses your spellcasting ability modifier, and it can deal bonus damage to enemies that are pulled through damaging terrain. This spell can be used to pull an ally out of a tough situation, but it is still best for DMs to make sure that players within its range aren’t hiding.

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Damage from thorn whip is a devastating melee weapon that can be used to hang an enemy in midair, causing the target to fall lengthwise. A 2007 Associated Press article explains how this devastating weapon can work. The player must roll a DC against a nonplayer NPC in order to hit the target. After hitting a target, the player wraps the Thorn Whip around its neck. While this weapon normally deals fatal damage to its target, its effects are often devastating.

The damage dealt by the Thorn Whip is 1d6 piercing damage. If the target is a creature, the damage can be further increased by causing the target to fall a few feet. If the creature is not immediately knocked unconscious, the damage is 1d6 + 3. While the damage dealt by Thorn Whip can damage a tankard of ale, it does not require any caster level to use it.


The Thorn Whip is a vine-like whip covered in thorns that can be wielded to lash out at a creature within range. Depending on the DM’s preference, it can even move objects. Thorn whip 5e effects include damage, but it can also move objects, including tanks of ale. Using the Thorn Whip is a powerful way to pull an ally out of a sticky situation.

The thorn whip is a ranged spell that deals piercing damage and can move large targets to the caster. Its damage increases as the caster levels, going from 1d6 at 5th level to 2d6 at 11th and 17th levels. Thorn whip 5e effects allow the caster to pull a creature up to 10 feet closer and deal damage when it hits. As long as the target is within 10 feet of the caster, a single hit with the thorn whip can deal significant damage.


Thorn Whip deals piercing damage to enemies in range of 1d4 or higher. While this spell is a melee attack, it does not provoke an opportunity attack, and if used correctly, will pull a creature in range into an area where it can do damage. Additionally, this spell is very disruptive, often forcing the target into a trap or natural hazard. It also deals extra damage to creatures that are within melee range.

The thorn whip is a melee attack that deals piercing damage with a range of 30 feet. It is an effective choice for any character looking to make use of this powerful cantrip. It is also useful for mounted combat because of its range. Because of its range, it is very effective against smaller creatures. It is also one of the most versatile melee attacks and is a popular choice for a ranged character.


A Thorn Whip is a useful item to have in your arsenal for when an ally gets into a sticky situation. The vines in the thorn whip 5e deal damage to an opponent’s hit points and then retract, doing no more harm than they did at the start. The thorns don’t hurt nonmagical items, but they are powerful enough to thwart positioning and force players into traps.

The Thorn Whip can also be used to draw an enemy into traps, natural hazards, or cages. Using the thorn whip as a weapon can make it much more dangerous than a normal bludgeon. The whip also works well against creatures that are squishy, such as orcs, lizards, and ogres. Unlike many bludgeon-style weapons, it can even be used to pull your opponents into traps.

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