Top 7 latest Technologies That Will Make Your exhibition Stand More Attractive

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World is transforming fast. We have shifted from manual to technological execution of several tasks in a short span of time. Ours is a lucky generation you can say who has seen it all. We have witnessed the transition from manual to digital in our life span. With the advancement in technology, we have experienced the fascination towards smart gadgets and technological wonders in all areas. Trade fairs are full of events promoting and showcasing the technological advancements in all sectors. It has become a challenge to stand out amongst the crowd in an exhibition, and new technology has given a good amount of options to actualize the uniqueness in this competitive environment. We will be talking here of the exhibition stands which have gained momentum in terms of designs and presentation. Exhibition stand builders are making highly innovative designs using latest technology to create a unique exhibition stand design that can make the exhibitor stand out in the crowd.

Let us discuss here the top 7 latest technologies that will make your exhibition stand more innovative.

Virtual Walls and Interactive Floors

Virtual walls can impact the creativity of your booth in a remarkable way. By using LED and Projector screen you can provide a digital canvas to your visitors. Your visitors can engage themselves in creative activities like drawing, making notes, drag and drop images, and play touch screen games. It gives an add-on to your booth and you can expect more number of visitors to stop by your booth. You can provide information of your products and services on the virtual walls to promote business. It certainly is an engaging way to keep your visitors busy and stop by your booth. Many times children accompany their parents on the show. You can engage the kids to play games on your virtual walls and provide a relaxed conversation to your visitor about your services. 

Interactive floors also have the same concept of using motion sensors to display changing floor color or glowing LED lights. You can even include some games over the interactive floor to add a fun element to your booth. It can make your booth more attractive and fun to be. It can add to the stand decoration and is certainly a plus in making your booth attractive.


Projection is a technology which creates 3D visual projection onto a 3D surface. It creates a form of augmented spatial reality of anything that is desired to be projected. Simple to complex 3D image projection is possible with the technology. Project mapping is being used extensively by some companies and advertisers to create visual effects. It is possible to give the illusion of movement in the static objects with Projection. It can be accommodated on the surface dimensions, easily creating an enhanced presentation utilizing the same space.  Combining it with audio gives it a remarkable attraction for the audience. Visitors can experience a living effect through projections which is the main reason of its popularity. It is widely used in many of the stand design in Cologne.

AR and VR

Augmented reality or Virtual reality gives your exhibition booth a tremendous opportunity to be interactive and to showcase objects that are otherwise difficult to showcase in a limited space. You can create the augmented reality of the objects like a bike or a car to detail and describe its functionalities which is otherwise difficult to project in the limited space. You can benefit in terms of style by presenting the 360 degree view which can be a memorable experience for your visitors. Many stand design studios offer these services alongside the booth.


Beacons are small wireless transmitters that are programmed to send radio signals with specific information to Bluetooth devices within its proximity. They can be used to attract attention to a specific location or to share information. Each Beacon transmits a unique ID number to a smart device which enables to differentiate their belongingness to a particular brand. Beacons can be used to promote offers, discount coupons and even help visitors to navigate to their desired exhibition stand. These small, low-power Bluetooth devices have increasingly found a place in the market due to its efficiency to gain attention and make connection with the attendees. Many stand design studios in Cologne incorporate Beacons at the time of construction.

4D storytelling using multi-sensory installations

These multidimensional experiences create a sensory experience of sound, smell, sight, taste and feel. You must have experienced it in a 4D movie at a theatre. It leaves a lasting impression on the mind of visitors and makes it a memorable experience.

Have a charger station

It’s a good practice to have a mobile charging station in your stand design. Smartphones has found a way in our everyday lives and the batteries don’t last long. Having a charger station can attract visitors who were otherwise not having your booth in their agenda. You can use this time to demonstrate your products and services and you never know what instance can make you lucky to convert it into a business deal.

Free Wi-Fi

Providing a free and secure Wi-Fi zone at your booth can attract more traffic. You can use this time for lead generation by enabling a relaxed atmosphere with basic amenities.

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