Top 13 Free Audio Editing Software for Mac and Windows in 2022

A powerful audio editor for macOS and windows can make your audio recordings sound professional. Audio editing software allows you to make changes to audio data, including pitch, speed, and metadata. Many audio editors offer helpful support of high-quality as you get by dialing Cox customer service number or another method of support provided by an ISP. You can mix audio files with audio editing software to make them sound as you want them to.  

As the years go by, audio editors are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. To stay ahead of the curve, there is top audio editing software for windows and Mac. Some of them are Ocenaudio and Reaper. Let’s discuss some of those in detail.

#1. Audacity 

The best free music editing software is Audacity, a cross-platform audio editor. Its features include an envelope tool and time shift, supporting most audio formats. While it looks a bit dated, it’s very user-friendly and has many uses, including podcasting. You can use it to make ringtones from your favorite tunes, customize the audio of presentations, and even edit your child’s piano recital. 

One of the reasons why Audacity is so popular amongst video and audio professionals is that it’s completely free. It requires only a small number of paid plugins to perform advanced tasks. For example, there’s no built-in echo-removal solution, but if you need to eliminate echoes, you’ll need to download and install a third-party echo removal plugin.  

Audacity supports almost every operating system. You can edit any audio file on it. Its spectrogram lets you hear the effects on selected audio sections in real-time. Audacity supports iTunes, m4a, wav, PCA, and raw binary data. 

#2. GarageBand 

If you’re looking for a simple but powerful audio editing application, look no further than a Garage band. This free program lets you record multiple tracks, mix them in real-time, and even create several takes. It also comes with a solid sound library and a small arsenal of audio effects and is a great tool for beginners or experienced musicians. Moreover, it can import tracks from any audio interface or USB-powered microphone. 

The software is surprisingly easy to use. It is already built into every Mac and can be used to edit interviews quickly and easily. The mechanics of editing audio content are the same across all audio editing software, but some may use a different method.  

GarageBand offers a free tutorial that teaches the basic principles of audio editing and even demonstrates a raw audio file, rough edit, and finished audio. It has a variety of functions, including editing audio, pitch, and more. Free versions are great for beginners and can be found online.  

#3. Ocenaudio 

Ocenaudio is one of the most powerful audio editing software for windows and Mac. It offers high-resolution audio processing and supports all major file formats. It also includes over 30 effects, restoration tools, and presets for sound effects. Moreover, it offers many features, including automatic beat detection, which helps you sync audio with video.  

Among all other features, ocenaudio enables you to preview changes in real-time. You can also adjust the playback parameters from the timeline. Its multi-selection tool makes editing large audio files a breeze. Moreover, it also allows you to edit multiple audio files at the same time. Moreover, it supports different operating systems, which makes it the best choice for users with diverse computer setups. 

Despite its comparatively high price, this program allows users to enjoy full creative freedom without spending much money. Other features include audio effects, which enhance the sound of recordings. Plug-ins are extensions for digital audio workstations. They allow you to use other software, such as synthesizers, effects, and audio tools. 

#4. Reaper 

Reaper is a powerful audio editing tool that combines several features into a single package. It supports as many tracks as your hardware allows, allowing you to record as many times as you need. It also supports MIDI and audio monitoring, multi-take recording, punching in, and loop recording. You can import and export audio files and import third-party plugins through Reaper’s VST and AU/DX format.  

If you’re a music producer, Reaper will continue to be the leading audio editing software for windows and macOS in 2022. The program’s wide range of functions and features will bring new fans daily. For regular audio editing, Reaper’s ReaSurroundPan feature provides incredible results.  

#5. Logic Pro 

Logic Pro makes audio editing a joyful and beautiful experience. Its excellent loop feature and ability to display audio in a cell or timeline-based view make it perfect for music production. Its extensive functionality makes it an excellent choice for music producers and offers all the mixing features you want. 

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